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Vindaloo Or Malaikari: These Ready-To-Cook Jackfruit Will Get You Eating Better

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What Makes It Awesome

For all of you who thought vegan, plant-based and gluten-free were just fad words from 2018, we’re in 2021 and it’s still hot! And Better is all of that, and more. With the intent of giving folks alternatives to meat and dairy products, founders, Karan and Keertida added the layer of making it more exciting and innovative too. So not only are the products vegan, but they’re also healthier and planet-friendly. Sustainable, natural, and of course, entirely plant-based. We tried out their Jacks, which is their flagship product range that focuses on ready-to-cook jackfruit. 

Ever since we tried a pulled jackfruit taco (the vegetarian/vegan alternative to the popular pulled pork taco), we've always trying to make it as often as possible at home. And with the Original Jackfruit from Better, we were able to. It's ready-to-cook, so it took us about just five to seven minutes to cook the shredded jackfruit in some chipotle adobo sauce and we quite like the texture and the flavours (you'll love how the jackfruit absorbs the sauces). We made a quick fix taco and wolfed it down in no time. Apart from the Original, you also jackfruits that come with ready-to-cook sauces -- Malaikari, Malabar, and Vindaloo. The Vindaloo one packs a punch and while we didn't have sannas we had it with some dosa and the whole bowl was mopped clean. This writer's mum took a portion to make a jackfruit thoran (a Kerala recipe that involves jackfruit, spices, and grated coconut) and it reminded her of home. So see it's mommy approved too.  

You don’t need to only use it as a curry to be had with rice or rotis. Mix it up, make a patty and have it as a burger, or perhaps appam with the Malabar Curry to up your game. So, now you agree this is not a fad, right? Good. You’re welcome.


They also have a Salsa Macha that works like magic. Add it to anything and it’ll make it taste better. Sandwiches, noodles, rice or even nachos, this is a good match for them all! 

With inputs from Aakanksha Singh Devi.