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Bite Into This: Piping Hot Chhole Samosas For Only INR 40 Outside Khar Station

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Help yourself to a hot plate of aloo samosa topped with chole at a small Sindhi joint outside Khar station.

What Is It?

You’ve just survived the rush and rumble of the train and come out in one piece. What do you do? Go on with your day? Of course not. You treat yourself to a warm plate of samosa chola, that’s what.

Outside of Khar Station, in a small Sindhi food joint you will find some delicious chola samosa. The eatery is called Sindhu Sweets and it is one of the few places which remind of Delhi street eats. A large kadhai have heaps of samosas piled up, which are then nudged into the oil for heating.

In another tawa, bubbles a lot of chole, scooped out into our plate. A plate comes with two samosas, enough chole and a little fresh green chutney on the side and costs INR 40. We really enjoyed the snack, the snacks being large enough to qualify as a mini meal and with a generous stuffing of potato and masala. The chole were simple and not packed with flavour, so you might not love them if you need it to be spicy.

How About Something More?

Well, since you are there already, you could try some of their authentic Sindhi delicacies such as the dal pakwan, Sindhi kadhi {on Sundays} and mung dal seera.

So, We're Saying...

If you’re not up to going to Sion, you should come around to this stall in Khar to share a samosa with a friend.