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Book Lovers, It's Time To Pack Your Bags To Go To India's First 'Book Village' Only 5 Hours Away From Mumbai


    We've stumbled upon something extremely exciting! For all the bibliophiles out there, there is a village with books in every nook and corner in Maharashtra that you must check out- and we're not even making this up!

    What Makes It Awesome

    We love to travel {wanderlust is out favourite word}l, and we've often made lists of places we'd love to visit. On one such list exists a little town in Wales called Hay-on-Wye, a village of books. But to our surprise, closer to home, there exists a book village in a hamlet wedged between Mahableshwar and Panchgani, named Bhilar. It is located about 250 kilometres from Mumbai.

    The village, Bhilar has been rechristened to 'Pustakanch Gaav' by the Government of Maharashtra. This initiative began only on May 4, 2017 with the sole aim of promoting culture, tourism, literacy amongst the youth and the local language, Marathi.

    They have created spaces through the village, in streets, in people’s homes and made them into libraries, giving everyone access to reading. There are literary events and reading sessions that are regularly held here.

    So far, there are about 20 libraries in total that house books from about 20 different genres. In the initial phase soon after its launch, only Marathi books were available to read. They have been tirelessly trying to bring in a wide variety of Hindi and English books to become more widely accessible to the people who visit.


    We're extremely kicked not that the initiative has taken off so well and we really hop it is picked up by other states too. With this initiative, there exists a ray of hope for an increased focus on education and literacy, because where there are books, there should be be readers.