Swings, Lamps, And More: Get Gorgeous Cane Goodies Here For INR 50 Upwards


    We found this amazing and small cane store at the Bandra signal and we went exploring to see what’s in store.

    Lamps, Swings & Much More

    If you’re ever waiting at the Bandra signal in the big traffic jam, or are turning towards the highway from Bandra. This tiny shop called Nazir Khan Cane Handicrafts at the signal cannot be missed. Especially in the evenings. This shop is home to all things cane – from lamps and side tables to gorgeous swings, trays and other quirky home decor products. We love the stuff here on offer. Everything is handmade by the owners and a lot of items are also imported from Kashmir, Delhi and Tripura.

    And the best part? The store is so cost-efficient. Look forward to trays starting INR 50 upwards, stools starting INR 650 upwards, lamps {their best-selling product} stating INR 800 upwards, swings starting INR 2,500 upwards and much more. What’s also amazing is that when you enter the store they show an entire catalog of products which they can also custom make, and yes, in case there’s a design you have in mind, they will make that for you as cost-friendly prices.

    So, We're Saying...

    We’re big-time lovers of cane decor products because they’re not only beautiful, but are also super cost efficient and we strongly recommend checking this store on your next Bandra visit.