Rustic, Woven & Elegant: 7 Products You Cane(Not) Miss Out On!


    From those historical cane furniture markets to reigning as one of the topmost furniture trends in the last few years - cane surely is making a swift entrant into many Indian homes. Yep, I won't deny the fact that it's pricey, but this is a trend decor junkies are willing to splurge on. And not to forget the longevity of cane as a material. From baskets to organisers and coasters - we've rounded up seven home and decor products you cane-not miss out on.  

    A Spacious Organizer (Or A Fruit Bowl)

    Vritta Beige Cane Basket

    Vritta Beige Cane Basket


    Handcrafted from Delhi's iconic House This, this cane basket is ideal to store all your additional knick-knacks which are lying around in your living room. Or you could just use it as a fruit bowl too.

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    A Lamp For Your Balcony

    Silvery Lantern


    A perfect way to add some #Bohovibes and add a rustic touch to wherever it is placed, this lamp is a perfect addition to your balcony garden or simply to hang on your window. 

    ProTip: can adorn these by surrounding them with fairy lights.  

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    Stationery Holder For Your Office Desk

    Layered Wood & Cane Planter- Small

    Layered Wood & Cane Planter- Small


    Wood and cane. Now, that's a killer combo to add a charming rustic touch to your office desk. Psst, this also doubles as a planter. So either use it to make your plants more 'grammable or to decorate your workstation! 

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    Round Placemat For Your Dining Table

    Basic Cane Circular Pattern Placemat


    Yep, we already mentioned one at the start of the list. Just another option that you can bookmark. We love the detailing on this one. 

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    Super Unique Cane Lamp

    ERUK Adaptable Lamp

    ERUK Adaptable Lamp


    Known for its sustainable and contemporary decor pieces, this cane lamp by Earth Heart is winning hearts. This one can be placed in your living room, beside your bed or right above your dining table.

    Indoor Planter For Tiny Spaces

    Wicker Cane Round Tabletop Planter

    Wicker Cane Round Tabletop Planter


    No balcony or terrace? Well, this compact planter can be used for your indoor or home garden. Your leafy buddies are sure going to love this one.