Did You Hear? You Can Take Your Car To Alibaug On A Ferry In 60 Minutes

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What Makes It Awesome

Now ferry off your cars and other modes of transport to Alibaug, Mandwa with Roll-in, Roll off (Ro-Ro) straight from the Ferry Wharf starting this month, according to this report.

The Ro-Ro car ferry from Mumbai to Mandwa (which is about 14 kilometres from Alibaug) was rolled out following a 150-crore project investment. The ferry service is expected to cut down the travel time as one can now reach Mandwa in 60 minutes, as opposed to the three-and-a-half-hour drive from Mumbai. 

This is a great piece of news for Mumbaikars who want to do quick getaways to Alibaug and Kihim on the weekends. Now, instead of relying on the not-so-reliable transport there, we can just take our private transport and drive in Alibaug and around, especially now when safety is such a huge concern.

The ferry service will not be affected by monsoon (heavy rains) or bad weather and is built to be operational 365 days a year. As per the report, they will allow 300 passengers and 60 cars and limit the number of passengers and follow social distancing rules due to the Corona Virus pandemic.

Price: A passenger ticket costs INR 300. The cost of your vehicle depends on the size and ranges from INR 800 to INR1,200. Pets are chargeable at an additional INR 300. Bicycles at INR 100 and Two-Wheelers at INR 200.

Departure Point: The Ro Ro Ferry departs from Ferry Wharf in Mumbai and Mandwa in Alibaug.

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