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What Makes It Awesome?

Mumbai, its time to check out a cool, innovative space in the heart of the city. Truly wonderful place to visit and have some delish healthy meal.

Located in BKC, this place is fully made of Cardboard. So basically this place serves healthy meals like Asian and Spanish and some American dishes as well. Coffee is their specialty. It also has gluten-free food.

Tried some of the dishes suggested by manager Yung he served some new dishes which has to be tried here.

1) Pumpkin Soup :
Pump as in the menu is pumpkin carrot and potato blend to perfection with Indian spice. Hands down to this soup never knew pumpkin can be delicious too.

2) Hummus platter:
A beautiful platter of hummus served with southern chips and pita bread. It had 4 types of hummus namely zen, spiffy wango and slick.zen was chickpea-based, spiffy was mung bean slick was pea and sweet potato with fried garlic.

Tried four types of appetizers -

1) Skinny roll:
highly recommended thin yellow and green zucchini stuffed with goat cheese and sun-dried tomato served with green coco chutney. It had that perfect texture and flavours of tangy tomato and cheese. Loved it.

Bengali inspired dish deep-fried ball stuffed with potato with good crispiness served with tangy bell pepper sauce with a punch of tamarind flavours.

3) What a fry:
Beetroot potato croquettes with basil and coconut stuffed with orange jalapeno sauce sweet and tangy well-balanced taste and it was coated with poha.

Also had some good main course that you should check out -
1) Awesome:
Rice served with Andhra style coconut curry with Indian spice and some mushrooms each bite had south Indian touch in it sweet and spicy loved it.

2) Tunes:
Udon noodles tossed in southern curry again as it was a twist to this Asian dish it had authentic shitake mushrooms which goes very well with noodles. Another big bang to try.

Had hazelnut coffee which was outstanding and so beautifully served with a small cookie.

Ending the meal with a lovely dessert called Good Vibes which was an almond cake with coffee flavour. Overall It has to be visited for some peaceful and healthy meal.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

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