Time For Some PositiviTEA: 6 Dishes To Try At Mumbai Restaurants If You're Obsessed With Chai


    While the world seemingly has been taken over by coffee-lovers, there is a strong majority of chaivinists out there that loves sipping on some piping hot adrak waali chai. Luckily, we no longer just have to drink tea but can eat it too. So the next time you’re out, why not replace the usual cup with a bite of one of these tea-infused dishes?

    Tea Leaf Salad @ Burma Burma

    Burma Burma

    Available Online

    A tea leaf salad? Well, why not. Burma Burma serves a lean mean salad machine in the form of this signature dish of theirs. The tea leaves in themselves are a bit bitter, and so they add 16 more ingredients to this including two types of lettuce, a few varieties of tomatoes, a handful of nuts, jalapenos and more. Sounds refreshing to us.

    Shell Out: INR 340

    Green Tea Zen Forest @ The Fatty Bao

    The Fatty Bao

    Bandra West, Mumbai

    This one's quite a hit at the restaurant. Its a concoction of some black sesame sponge, green tea moss, beetroot and black pepper sorbet, sesame nougatine, choco twigs and (well) microgreens too. The green tea zen forest is a combination of healthy and tasty. 

    Shell Out: INR 535

    Tea Soup @ Tea Trails

    Tea Trails

    Ghatkopar East, Mumbai

    Tea trails is where all the tea is at. Not only do they have an insane number of the types of tea on the menu, but amazing dishes made of tea too. They have a matcha broccoli soup, a tea maggi (wacky max) and a Burmese tea salad too. 

    Shell Out: INR 235

    40-Layered Green Tea Cake, Yuuka

    This delicate dish has rum-soaked raisins in it, along with the matcha dust. And while this cake may sound like the most heavy thing to eat, it actually is one of the lightest things on Yuuka's menu. Oh and you could also try their green tea tiramisu. 

    Shell Out: INR 850 

    Liquid Hazelnut Fondant Cake @ Pa Pa Ya

    Pa Pa Ya

    Bandra East, Mumbai

    This tea-infused dessert has some matcha and white peppercorn quenelle. It basically is a green tea fondant cake with molten chocolate lava inside it, and is had with white peppercorn icecream and wild berries on the side. Sounds fancy, no? Book yourself a table at Pa Pa Ya right away to devour on this! 

    Shell Out: INR 435

    Chai & Chai @Mannrangi


    Goregaon West, Mumbai

    This is a quite unique one. Its a masala chai spiced chocolate fondant, served with a chai biscuit icecream. BTW, its also got some coating of egg in it!

    Shell Out: INR 325