Lassi, Puri Bhaji, Kachori And More: Why Every Foodie Must Stop At Dadar Station

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What Is It?

Dadar. The place where a million things happen together. While this can be overwhelming for some, foodies will always smell the right things and wander in the lanes. Now, people who travel by trains will get the point of getting out and grabbing a bite at this chaotic but useful station. We did the same and found ourselves in street food heaven.

What Should You Eat?

Fresh off the pushing and shoving, we decided to cool off by sitting at Panshikar – a typical Maharashtrian joint buzzing with people. We started with their dahi puneri misal pav {INR 75} which was the kind of snack you eat when you don’t want to stuff your face with farsaan. But, what took the cake for us was their Rajgira puri bhaji {INR 70}. The puris were small, fried pieces of happiness. If kachori and puri had a baby, it would be this puri we had at Panshikar. The dahi chutney and the bhaji complemented the puris fantastically.

To wash down the memories of the bhaji, we decided to do it at Jai Maharashtra, a small shop enthusiastically pouring out lassi. If you want the viscosity to be on the lighter side, you’ll have to shell out INR 10 and if you want it thicker INR 20. When the crowd gets overwhelming in the West, you run East. But then, it is Dadar. so we had zero expectations.

East came with its own amount of crazy. We stood at the holy trinity of vada pavs with numerous joints attracting people with their antics. We decided upon the schezwan vada pav {INR 20} from a small joint that made up for the walk from west to ease on the foot over bridge. The pav came with a delicious garlic chutney which we raved on about till we found mango juice for INR 10. Then, obviously we had to try the roadside pizza {INR 20}. We finished with a meetha paan which looked like a candy store in itself {it had a LOT of tutti frutti}. Picked up a bunch of flowers on our way back and there, we lived the perfect Dadar evening.

So, We're Saying...

Dadar is home to fantastic markets and hope. So, if you believe in stopping life for 15 minutes to gorge on a delicious plate of bhaji, please be our guest.