Modern, Sleek, And Stylish: These Lamps Are For Apartment Living

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What Makes It Awesome

Not everyone loves those colourful lights and hippie vibes in their home. Some of us prefer uncluttered, minimal and sleek living spaces. And with the smaller size of our apartments, it's usually a boon to find lighting that suits our home and our style. 

So if you choose industrial over boho, then you'll love the collection from Decon. Established way back in 1969, Decon has been around for almost 5 decades. And while they've got a wide range from indoor to outdoor and special lights, we're focusing on their indoor options meant for apartment living today. While browsing the range, I spotted the Fez Table lamp which is quite compact with a sleek design and is perfect for reading, if you prefer a more classic look, then there's the Mushroom Table Lamp which gives more ambient lighting with softer edges. If you like a bit of colour, opt for the Liberty Table Lamp and if you want to go all-out funky, there's a cool Tripod Lamp that looks interesting!

Prices: Prices vary from style to style, but expect to shell out between INR 1,000 to INR 3,000