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Diapers That Are Skin Friendly & Sustainable? This Brand Makes It Possible

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Super Bottoms

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What Makes It Awesome

As new parents, we’re always looking to safeguard our little babies in the best possible manner. 2020 especially, has been quite tricky, and parenthood, even more so! We’re always on the lookout for products that will keep our babies healthy.  And diapers happen to be one of THE most crucial ones from the lot, isn’t it?! We mean, babies got to wear them right from the start , it should at least be soft and comfy. That’s when we came across an amazing homegrown diaper brand: SuperBottoms, that makes reusable high performance cloth diapers! 

In India, traditionally, a lot of parents prefer to make their babies wear cotton nappies or langots which are extremely gentle on the baby’s skin but then they are a hassle to manage. Parents move to convenient disposable diapers but soon face a harsh reality when they often see rashes on the baby’s skin. SuperBottoms combines the skin friendliness of langots and the long lasting performance of disposable diapers, which is an ideal option for every parent! Made of 100% cloth with organic cotton pads for absorbency, SuperBottoms has no harmful chemicals making it super safe for the baby’s delicate skin. 

But, have you ever wondered about the cost of the multiple diapers you have to invest in? With SuperBottoms, apart from being skin friendly, you will find an economical diapering solution too.  To elaborate a bit, a child uses about 50,000 diapers (approx) in a span of 3 years until he/she learns to use the toilet. But since Superbottoms are washable, reusable and come in a free size, you only need about 15-16 SuperBottoms UNO for your babies’ diapering phase. SO, you sort of end up saving close to 70% money on diapering with UNO! How incredible is that. 

Last but definitely not the least, they’re environmentally friendly! A disposable diaper takes about 500 years to start decomposing (uh oh). On the other hand, with SuperBottoms UNO, you only need a few cloth diapers which you can wash and reuse up to 300 times! In turn, making ‘em sustainable & environmentally friendly. Infact, they have almost 0% plastic free packaging, and undertake upcycling and recycling initiatives. 

All in all, SuperBottoms are good for your babies in every possible way - protects their skin from rashes, keeps their tushie soft, doesn’t harm the environment and is budget friendly, from a long term perspective! And did we mention, they come in super cute designs?! 


Don’t miss out on the endearing prints on the Superbottoms Uno that’ll match with any baby dress and make them look even cuter.