New Moms, Listen Up! This Brand Makes Comfy & Reusable Cloth Diapers

What Makes It Awesome?

Being a new mother can take a toll on you, physically and mentally. You would go to the ends of the world to provide your newborn with the best care and love. Finding the right products for them is a herculean task, their skin is extremely sensitive and using diapers can sometimes cause rashes. These cloth diapers from Bumpadum will keep the baby away from rashes and skin infections. Bumpadum is a premium brand of cloth diapering products and accessories designed and manufactured in Bangalore. They make diapering fun and economical, with high-quality safety-tested products. They use locally and internationally sourced fabrics and employ local tailors to create the products. The diapers keep the baby's bottom dry through the use of specially knitted moisture wicking fabric. Started by Anuradha Rao, who found that the answer to her baby’s diapering needs lies in modern cloth diapers which she came across on social media. Lack of high-quality yet affordably priced products in India convinced her that this was a problem worth solving, and she decided to start Bumpadum. These diapers are not just baby-friendly, but also eco-friendly and pocket-friendly. They are comfortable, reusable cloth diapers - available in stay dry form or with the goodness of organic cotton. These diapers are size adjustable and can be used for babies from 0-3 years of age {approximately 3 kg to 15 kg}. They also make stylish accessories that are a must for a cloth diapering journey. So say goodbye to boring white diapers, and adorn your babies' bottom with cute prints and patterns.

How Much Did It Cost?

INR 500 - INR 1,000