You Can Get Butler Service, Nutela Pizza And Biryani While You Watch A Movie Here

    Nariman Point, Mumbai


    Inox Laserplex at Nariman Point will now be serving gourmet meals curated by Chef Vicky Ratnani, which means you can now take your date for a two-in-one experience: both dinner and a movie.

    Tell Me More

    Insignia is the menu at INOX for cine-goers who’d like to indulge in delicious food while watching their film. Served at your chairs and comfortably so, the menu has dishes curated by chef Vicky Ratnani. Apart from this, new services like self-ordering food kiosk, a personal butler tending to you on call, along with an In-App ordering service have been introduced. In other words, skip the busy serpentine queues at the hall and don’t risk missing the important bits, especially post intermission.

    Taking inspiration from global flavours, the menu includes dishes that have been created using fresh ingredients unlike the readily available over-the-counter food. The whole point is to create a movie experience that also encapsulates other elements like dining in. A two-in one for the cine-goers, if you may.

    Chow Down

    Insignia is like a restaurant menu with starters, snacks, mains and even a small section for desserts. This includes light bites, fresh salads, sliders, pasta and fresh fruit juices.

    Find quinoa bowls tossed with exotic vegetables {INR 240}, mac n cheese, Maggi, burrito wraps and more. For the Indian fare, there is biryani, khichdi and even vada pao. For your sweet tooth, there are Nutella waffles, banoffee waffles and and even a Nutella pizza {INR 280}.

    They also offer fresh fruit juices for people on a healthy diet {no more soda for you}. Though as expected the prices are on the higher side of things, but that comes with the territory of any movie snack.

    So, We're Saying...

    Going to the cinema has always been an experience, and what had been lacking in terms of food, has been made up at this INOX. A game changer for the family and couples outing? Possibly, yes.

      Nariman Point, Mumbai