Inked And Proud: Mumbai People Reveal Their Favourite Tattoo Artists In Town


    What Is It?

    We spoke to Mumbaikars who’ve been there, and done that, and are inked and proud. Here, they recommend their tattoo artists, and state why you ought to bookmark them.

    (P.S: As a heads up, most of the prices were applicable at the time the tattoos were done. We’d advise you to take that as a ballpark figure, and go on from there)

    Ace Tattooz, Colaba & Ghatkopar

    Headed by Archana Nakhua Bhanushali & Nikhil Bhanushali, Ace Tattooz is a team of 8-10 super talented artists who’re known for their unique designs for more than 10 years now!

    Recommended because: Archana, the stalwart of the crew, was awarded the best female tattoo artist in India. She specializes in portrait tattoos and customised ones too and is known for her flawless colour work & intricate designs featuring traditional Indian artwork. They also have a spacious lounge area sprawled over 2,000 sq. ft. with a pool table, a reading nook & a creative zone so you can cherish the good times as you get inked!

    Ask For: Archana Nakhua Bhanushali (The Rockstar)

    Shell Out: INR 2,500 for the first square inch of the tattoo; INR 1,000-1,200 per square inch post that. 

    Dial Up: 8450999961

    P.S: Archana Nakhua Bhanushali’s tattoos are sported by eminent celebrities like Ranveer Singh & Remo D’Souza

    Black Pearl Ink, Goregaon West

    Headed by Swapnil Parab, The Black Pearl Ink Studio is known for its artistic perfection and quality pricing. With more than 12 years of experience in the art of tattoo making, Swapnil is known for giving his 100% to each tattoo, ensuring you’re not only getting a tattoo but a work of art!

    Recommended because: Swapnil is known for his jovial spirit, artistic finesse and mastery at the craft of tattoo making. From experimenting with designs to understanding your unique requirements, Swapnil knows the tattoo game all too well. Specializing in Maori tattoos, Realistic tattoos and Concept tattoos, Swapnil takes your artsy ideas and turns them into spectacular artwork.

    Ask For: Swapnil Parab

    Shell Out: INR 8,000 for the Buddha Tattoo and between INR 1,500 - INR 5,000 for smaller tattoos
    (subject to change as per the tattoo design)

    Dial Up: 9820771496

    Krayonz Tattoo, Bandra

    Kraayonz Tattoo

    Bandra West, Mumbai

    Shona Dias Daniell, a lover of getting meaningful tattoos done, has four tattoos out of which three she got done from Krayonz in Bandra. Every tattoo on her body comes with its story, be it her love for music or something that really fascinates her (spiritually and otherwise)

    Recommended because: With Shona getting three tattoos from this studio is her own way of validating the quality of the artists there. The studio is headed by Sameer Patange. She tells us that though he only takes up a complex tattoo personally, the other tattoo artists are all trained under him and equally trustworthy. Krayonz maybe on the expensive side but for Shona the result is absolutely worth it as they are true professionals.

    Ask for: Deepak if you want a watercolour tattoo as he is known for his watercolour work.

    Shell Out: INR 2,500-INR 11,500 (subject to change as per the tattoo design)

    Dial Up: 9820342044

    P.S: The studio’s illustrious celebrity list also includes the likes of Hrithik Roshan and Suzzanne Khan.

    Zaheer Chhatriwala (Independant Tattoo Artist)

    Raie Mahapatra got four of her lovely and meaningful tattoos from Zaheer Chhatriwala, a Bandra-based tattoo artist. Raie’s tattoos comes from a very personal space, be it the “Hope springs eternal” to the roses from The Tales of the Beedle Bard (Harry Potter anyone?), or her ode to her grandparents with the panda and their initials carved on her body.

    Recommended because: For Raie, Zaheer’s studio is like home as she felt comfortable there, sharing her vision with him. He is engaging, kind and non-judgmental, which she believes is a nice quality for any artist to have, especially when it comes to inking someone else. She does suggest booking in advance with him as he is a popular one with celebrities.

    Ask For: Zaheer, as he is the sole owner of his studio

    Shell Out: Ranges between INR 3,000 and INR 5,000 (subject to change as per the tattoo design)

    Dial Up:

    P.S: Do make sure you take a photograph/print out of the design you want the artist to work with.

    Body Canvas, Bandra

    Roopali Singhal got her first tattoo three months back from Body Canvas in Bandra. This being her first tattoo, she wanted it to be unique and special, and thus, the angel wings were born. A design carefully chosen by her and her mum (also an ode to her) along with Everglow, a song from the band, Coldplay (which she tells us reminds her of her mum) in her mum’s handwriting has been inked beautifully.

    Recommended because: The tattoo was better than what she expected it to be. As generic as the Angel Wings are, the tattoo artist customised it for Roopali, giving her the better bargain of things. Sudhir Rao, her tattoo artist, made sure to keep up with her until she was a 100 percent satisfied. After endless debates and discussions, she believes it could not have turned out better.

    Ask for: Sudhir Rao (or in Roopali’s words the superstar tattoo artist)

    Shell Out: INR 8,000 (subject to change as per the tattoo design)

    Dial Up: 9819184454

    Al's, Bandra

    Shalvi Mangaokar had always wanted a tattoo, and so in 2012 she got her first tattoo from the famous Al’s Tattoo And Body Piercing Studio in Bandra followed with her second one in 2013. A Tribal sun on the back on her neck, and a pretty one with flowers, stars and ferns on her anklet.

    Recommended because: The artists are friendly and keep the customers engaged in conversation (to distract them from the pain) The studio has good music playing in the background which is comforting. Additionally, they are quick and really efficient with their job. 

    Ask for: Arun at Al’s.

    Shell out: INR 3,500 for back tattoo and INR 9,000 for the anklet tattoo (subject to change as per the tattoo design)

    Dial Up: 9820583915

    P.S: They do proper post ink care by giving rock salt and antiseptic medicine.

    Aliens Tattoo, Malad

    Aliens Tattoo

    Malad West, Mumbai

    Samara Tijori has two tattoos, one on her ankle from 2013 and another one that she got in 2017. Both of her tattoos were done at Aliens Tattoo in Malad, which is run by Sunny Bhanushali. The tattoo on her ankle is the feather of a Phoenix, and the one on her back is the shape of her two dogs (basset hounds), with each of the years they were born in.

    Recommended because: She tells us Sunny is excellent with his work, and has other tattoo artists as well. All of them are friendly, hygienic and engaging. If you have a design in mind, they will discuss it in length with you before inking you.

    Ask for: Sunny Bhanushali

    Shell Out: INR 8,000 for the anklet tattoo, and INR 5,000 for the back tattoo (subject to change as per the tattoo design)

    Dial Up: 9833065209

    P.S: Do book an appointment in advance.

    Krossinks Tattoo, Ghansoli

    Debayan Chattoraj, a resident of Vashi, and a die-hard fan of mandala and geometric artwork, places infinite trust on this Navi Mumbai tattoo parlour for his designs. He has been getting inked by Keval Patil, owner of Krossinks, since three years now and is only super proud of the designs on both his arms. 

    Recommended Because: Debayan says that Krossink's line and dot work is very clean, and that Keval can do free-hand designs in mandalas, without having to use templates for a rough sketch. The pricing is quite nominal too. 

    Ask For: Keval Patil, the founder and head tattoo artist in the studio. 

    Shell Out: INR 500 to 700 per square inch. But the pricing varies as per the design. 

    Dial Up: 8898210130