Ek Chuski Gola: Best Places For This Summer Essential

    Ice golas can never go out of fashion in Mumbai. And, there's no better way to get some respite from the Mumbai summers, apart from slurping on these awesome iced miracles. They have seen massive transformation within a few years, and there's a whole new world beyond the Kala Khatta and the Kacchi Kairi. We've been on a mission to search for some great gola stalls off late, and we've been quite lucky.

    So in case, you don't know about some of the best places to go to, keep this list handy, and beat the sun with us. 

    Milan Kala Khatta, Juhu Beach

    This one at Juhu Beach serves one of the biggest ice golas that we've seen. They've got an amalgamation of multiple flavours including orange, rose, pineapple and kacchi kairi. And with all those colors, it's difficult to keep a straight face and not drool. While the taste is absolutely yummy, make sure you're able to balance it well or take a few friends along with you when you go to Milan. 

    Price: Starts at INR 50 and upwards. 

    Must-Try Flavours: Classic rose and black current, rich chocolate, Sp. 4 mix, Thumbs Up gola.

    #LBBTip: They've got a section for golas with milkmaid with options like blueberry, mango and orange. So, if you're a fan of milkmaid gola, directly jump into that. 

    Jai Jawan Stall, Girgaum Chowpatty

    Jai Jawan Stall in Girgaum Chowpatty is really a dessert lover’s paradise. They have a brilliant spread of ice creams, sundaes, faloodas and kulfis. During summers, this place is swamped with Mumbaikars patiently waiting for their golas.  

    Price: INR 90 and upwards. 

    Must-Try Flavours: Kala khatta, seasonal, special mango gola and chocolate chip milkmaid gola.

    #LBBTip: The place tends to be really crowded in the evening. So plan your treat time accordingly.

    Pooja Malai Gola, Kandivali

    Pooja Malai Gola

    Kandivali West, Mumbai

    Popular among the locals, Pooja Malai Gola comes as a great suggestion for their lip-smacking and quality golas. They've got some kickass options (which come in huge portions) like Traffic Jam, Millenial, Deluxe.

    Price: INR 50 and upwards. 

    Must-Try Flavours: Litchi and Variali golas, dry fruit and malai golas, butterscotch, Badhshahi gola. 

    Shreeji Golewala, Kharghar

    From 7 PM onward, this Golawala near Navi Mumbai's Hiranandani Towers serves golas dipped in thick syrups with a topping of a generous quantity of dry fruits. We totally recommend this one. 

    Price: INR 80 and upwards. 

    Must-Try Flavours: Classic rose and kala khatta.

    Ari & Vin, Borivali West

    Ari & Vin

    Borivali West, Mumbai

    Well, if you and your gang have decided to beat the heat together, friends - solution's right here. Known for their huge portions, Ari & Vin in Borivali has an array of khaata and meetha options when it comes to golas. 

    Price: INR 50 and upwards. 

    Must-Try Flavours: Rajbhog, lemon, kachi kairi and Ari & Vin special like Rajwadi, Mumbai masti, black beauty and gauva chilli.

    #LBBTip: Not taking sugar? They've got a sugarless gola too. 

    Ram Krishna Juice Center, Santacruz

    Almost there in the hood since 40 years, Ram Krishna Juice Center has a huge loyal set of gola lovers who keep going back to them for their amazing flavours and great quality. 

    Price: INR 30 and upwards. 

    Must-Try Flavours: Lemon, malai gola, sahi gulab, mango and chocolate gola.