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Get Adventurous With New Ice Cream Trends In The City Of Joy

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As the heat goes up, turn to some of the coolest ice cream parlours in the city to take you to your happy place with their whacky and wonderful frozen treats. 

Tequila-Infused Coffee Softy At Ice-O-Metry

Charcoal Vanilla with rum, anyone? The newest entrant on the city’s gastro-scape is wooing millenials with quirky, organic, fat-free, flavour-packed ice creams with a grown-up vibe. They have 'normal' and alcohol-infused versions of the most loved softy - all 100% vegetarian.

Royal Falooda At Giani’s

Giani’s, a 62-year-old iconic brand from Delhi has opened up an outlet in our city. Although their menu will leave you spoilt for choice, you must try the house special Royal Falooda with its unmistakably aromatic rose flavour and dollops of vanilla ice cream. Not a fan of falooda (vermicelli) in your ice-cream? Go for the matka kulfi and thank us later. 

Chocolate Bomb At Haagen Dazs

Haagen Dazs is a brand that needs no introduction. The frozen delicacies served here are as much a treat for the eyes as they are for the palate. You must try The Chocolate Bomb. A big chocolate ball filled with four scoops of different ice cream combinations, topped with choco brownie, whipped cream, butterscotch chips & seasonal fruits. You really have to stop yourself from salivating too hard while you pour hot chocolate fondue (served with the ice-cream) from the top to melt the chocolate ball.  

Fruit Basket At Icy fusion

We have all heard of the classic ice cream, but have you heard of hand-folded ones, crushed and moulded on marble tops? Icy Fusion has great variety on their menu. You must try the fruit basket, which is a combination of plum, kiwi, apple and other seasonal fruits infused with delicious mix fruit ice cream and topped with fresh fruits.

Stardust Vanilla At Mama Mia

Think Gelato, think Mama Mia. It’s time you move on from the classic vanilla gelato and make way for Stardust Vanilla! Made with premium vanilla and activated charcoal, this black beauty is the star attraction at Mama Mia. Did you know that activated charcoal, though black in colour, whitens teeth and also cures hangovers? Well, guilt-free indulgence it is.  

Paan Kufi At Kulfiano

If you are a kulfi and a paan fan, we have found the perfect match to satiate your post meal cravings. Try out Kulfiano – a one-of-a-kind ice cream parlour devoted entirely to the classic Indian frozen dessert. They have a whole range of them – from black currant to Rajasthani Matki to even imly (tamarind) on their menu. 

Ice-Cream Tacos At Rollick

Rollick, Kolkata’s good, old ice cream parlour recently introduced three fun-filled ice cream taco variants. If chocolate is your bae, try Oreo Overload. It has chocolate, cookies and dollops of hot fudge, loaded with Oreo cookies, served to you in a freshly-baked waffle taco. Fruity is favourite? Then opt for the Fruit Explosion. It is refreshing and tangy, every fruit lovers’ delight. 

Jalapeno Creamcheese From The Fat Little Penguin

This artisanal ice cream brand's newest flavour is an absolute treat for the senses. Salty vanilla ice cream with a tart of spicy jalapeno at its centre, sandwiched between two layers of biscuit. The sweet and sour cream cheese gives way to the spicy jalapeno crust inside. The Fat Little Penguin never fails to surprise!

Phalsa Sorbet At Pabrai's

If there is one place in the city you should go to try out unique ice cream flavours it is Pabrai's. We all love their signature Nolen Gur flavour, now there are a couple of more that you must try out. The sweet and sour phalsa sorbet made using real phalsa berries pulp is an absolute delight in the sultry weather. Like slurping on a khatta-meetha barf gola!

Turkish Pistachio From Turkishyano

A taste of Turkey in Kolkata! Ditch the regular and go for the exotic. Turkish Pistachio flavour is rich, dense and creamy, as it's prepared with a paste of pistachios sourced from Turkey among other places. This one makes for a filling dessert so be sure to keep some room for it.