6 Services In Mumbai You Will Love If You Hate Going Out

Sarjana posted on 12 December


Stepping out for every little thing all the time is not pleasant, especially if you forget something and have to step out again. Even though we can get food, groceries etc. delivered to our doorstep these days, there are still a few things which make you head out. This list might save some of your time there.

This Pet Shop Which Delivers Food And Toys For Your Pets And Takes Payment Via Card Machine

Shopawholic in Bandra West is not only budget friendly, but holds a great variety of pet accessories, food and toys. You can make your pooch happy without burning a hole in your pocket and pay via card at your doorstep. You also get 10% discount {8% via card} if you order above INR 1000.

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These Thekas That'll Deliver Booze With A Card Machine

Everyone is up for drinking at a house party but no one wants to step out and buy it. And even if you order it, you don’t necessarily have a lot of cash on you these days. Hence to end all your troubles, bookmark this list of wine shops that bring card machines home.

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Get Salon Services At Your Doorstep With This App

Raise your hand if you hate going to the parlour. We thought so! The Home Salon app lets you get well-trained beauticians for salon-like service at home. Their technicians are great at what they do and are trained at their academy. They can also get beauticians from salons like VLCC and JCB.

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These Home-Delivery Seafood Services You Can Trust

If your idea of a Sunday morning is not being in a fish market haggling for fish and crab but being in your kitchen cooking delectable sea food for yourself and your loved ones, then this list of trusted services that’ll deliver all kinds of sea food at your doorstep is a life saver.

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This Online Library Which Will Help You Get Amazing Reads At Your Doorstep

Not that you don’t like venturing out in book stores, but if it’s one of those days when you just want to curl up in a blanket and not get out even to buy the book, Bookelphia will come to your rescue. With a vast collection of biographies and autobiographies, fiction, romance, crime/ thriller, philosophy, self help, business, history, health, food and cooking, memoirs, religion, mythology, satires and short stories, Bookelphia helps you buy and share books online and you get your pick delivered at your doorstep.

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Get Curry Leaves, Oregano And Even Air-Purifying Plants Home-Delivered With This Service

If you want to start a healthy lifestyle but don’t know where you can get those medicinal herbs from, you can get them delivered to your doorstep – thanks to Nursery Live. This service lets you buy herbs, plants and even potted fruits online.

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