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Desserts But Make Them Healthy: Shop These Treats From Our Dessert Bazaar

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There is nothing as satisfying as biting into a good dessert, right? But if you're on a healthy streak and want to keep those 2021 New Year resolutions going (kudos, btw), then you've probably been cutting desserts out of your diet. But why miss out when there are tons of healthy alternatives that will give you that sugary satisfaction, without the actual sugar. 

Vegan Chocolate Chip Jaggery Cookies

Jus'Trufs indulgent, vegan choco chip cookies kick out the refined sugar and are sweetened with jaggery which is healthier. It's also vegan - think olive oil instead of butter - which even makes it healthier on the arteries. They're also all-natural and preservative free. 

Available in a box of 10

Hazelnut & Belgian Chocolate Granola

Yes, we know granola isn't really what you'd think of when you hear the word dessert, but this Belgian chocolate granola stradles the line between healthy and indulgent with real chocolate and hazelnuts. You get your chocolate craving without the guilt.

Available in 250 gm packs

Peanut Cocoa Minis

Made with just 4 ingredients, peanuts, cocoa, whey and dates, this one is bite-size nutrition and dessert all in one. Pop these in your bag when you need an energy boost and a hit of chocolatey goodness, all at one. They are high in protein too, perfect for a workout snack.

Almond Cookies Sugar Free

Almond cookies, so sophisticated right? But while the traditional almond cookies are made with sugar, these are made with Stevia as a sweetener, making them far healthier. They have no artificial flavours, preservatives and are all natural, too.

Available as a pack of 2 160 gm boxes

Sugar-Free Coffee Cookies

If you want just a small bite of sweetness to finish up a meal or to enjoy as a tea-time snack, then try Mo's. These sugar-free cookies are coffee flavoured and just right to pop in your mouth on the go. They're also completely vegan!

Available in a 100gm pack. They also have lots of other options as well.

Ketofy Almond Fudge Cookies

If you're on a Keto diet (and even if you're not) then the Ketofy Almond Fudge Cookies might be just what you need for that chocolate craving when it hits. The addition of almonds makes for a nuttiness to complement the chocolate flavour and we hear these are delish!

Available in 200 gm packs

Sugar-free Coconut & Dates Laddu

If you love classic coconut laddoo but are looking for a nutrition and healthy alternative, then try these sugar-free date and coconut ladoos. Made with coconut, dates and oats these are free from unrefined sugar and are sure to give you a boost of energy and hit the sweet spot, too.

Available in 200 gm pack

Immunity Boosting Vedic Ladoo

Well, ladoos are notorious for being unhealthy right? But not these ones. Made with seasme, chia, pumpkin, walnut, raisin and coconut, these are tasty and all the good stuff helps boost your immunity too. So you get a sweet treat and some health benefits too, isn't that great?

Availabe in 500 gm boxes