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Explore Mumbai’s Culture & Coastline With The Best Heritage Walks & Tours


    There’s always one tiring complaint you often hear about Mumbai, “there’s not much to see or do here”; which is often followed by the debate about whether Mumbai’s heritage is mostly monumental. Thankfully, several walking tours in the city are challenging that thought, unearthing stories and spots you may have seen but walked past. Put on a comfortable pair of shoes, and book yourself a spot to learn more about this maximum city that’s thriving with culture, history and a different narrative at every corner. 

    Bookworming Tour by Beyond Bombay

    Founder Shruti Tyagi’s Beyond Bombay became a hit thanks to its Bookworming Tour. Tyagi helps you follow the footsteps of your favourite fictional characters in Mumbai from Shantaram and Maximum City, and helps you discover the city just like they lived in it. The tour highlights famous literary points: Dariya Mahal, Borkar vada pav guy, sherbets at Sikkanagar, Radha Bai Chawl in Jogeshwari, among others. The company also hosts Babbanji Bihari’s Bombay tour, which maps the route of a typical Bihari migrant in the city; and their latest Knowing Kurla, which takes you around the suburb that’s grown far from its village life. 

    Group tours need to be booked in advance and privately as Beyond Bombay offers limited public tours. 

    Price: Depends on the size of the group as the tours are specially curated. 

    Heritage Walks & Tours by Khaki Tours

    Dive deep into Mumbai’s many neighbourhoods with Khaki Tours, which offers a variety of heritage walks and tours worth taking. You can discover Dharavi, learn the heritage of Banganga, stroll along lazy fishing villages of Bandra and learn all about the bygone era, and more. 

    The Wake Up Mumbai gives you an experience of how the city is already bustling at dawn when the fishing boats arrive at Sassoon Docks and Dadar’s flower market comes alive with the day’s blooms. 

    Khaki Tours has limited public tours, but you can book several pre-designed ones for a private group. The company also offers open Jeep tours and e-Victoria carriage rides for private groups or families. 

    Price: INR 599 onward

    Architecture Walk by Art Deco Mumbai

    On weekends, Art Dec Mumbai, the city’s archivist of Art Deco architecture conducts guided tours. The curated walking tour of 60-75 minutes is conducted around the ‘Art Deco of Oval’ by an architect who works on the conservation of these buildings. So it’s safe to say that you get ample knowledge about the architecture style and its history. Mumbai is home to the largest collection of Art Deco buildings in India, and second to Miami in the world so it’s definitely worth it if you’re interested in exploring and learning more about the modern buildings of the Raj era.

    Art Deco Mumbai conducts tours on request for 4-8 people at a time. 

    Price: INR 900 onward

    Food and Heritage Walks by No Footprints

    From a Kebab & Curry Trail that takes you across the historic lanes of Mohammed Ali Road to Worli Fishing Village tour, which gives you a peek into Mumbai’s oldest fishing communities –  No Footprints has got Mumbai’s culture and heritage mapped out. Whether you’re a resident or visitor, there’s a heritage, food or nature walk that’s exciting to anyone. They also conduct a Khau Gully walk that takes you through the khau gully in Kalbadevi, where generations have gorged on street food.

    No Footprints hosts several public walks which they regularly update on their Instagram page.

    Price: 499 onward

    Dharavi Tour by Reality Tours & Travel

    Popular for its Dharavai tours, Reality Tours & Travel takes you on a walk around Asia’s largest slum which has several parallel industries which collectively generate an annual turnover of $665M. Explore the many narrow lanes, and experience a wide range of these business activities: recycling, pottery-making, embroidery, bakery, soap factory, leather tanning, poppadom-making and more. 

    You'll be guided by a local, and the tour takes 2.5 hours on foot. Reality Tours & Travels offers private and public/shared tours. The group size doesn’t exceed 6 and the tour is conducted either at 6am or 9am only.

    Price: INR 1,250 per person.

    Heritage and Art Walks by The Inheritage Project

    Alisha Sadikot, co-founder of ArtWalks Mumbai also runs The Inheritage Project. Conducting regular tours of art galleries, museums and other heritage walks in the city, her project has acquired much love among Mumbai’s resident. Through her project, Sadikot brings in experts to conduct a variety of walks: Type Walks by Tanya George, Colaba Walks with Daniel and so on.
    The walks are open to public and you can find regular updates of @artwalkmumbai ‘s Instagram handle. 

    Price: INR 750 onward

    Mumbai Bazaar Walk by Mumbai Magic

    Mumbai’s heritage bazaars are a bustling mix of colourful people, a multi-cultural mix of mosques, temples and derasars, different cuisines, and have throbbing energy. Explore the many lanes and crannies with Mumbai Magic. The tour covers Jama Masjid (meet India’s oldest Muslim community, who came here in the 6th Century), Mangaldas Cloth Market, Zaveri Bazaar, Phool Galli, Mumbadevi Temple (where the city gets its name from), and the quaint Madhav Baug, complete with a visit to Panjra Pole (animal shelter).
    The tour starts at Crawford market and you can book on any day except Sunday. These are private tours and you can take a group of upto 10.
    Price: INR 750 per person for 7-10 persons or INR 3000 for a solo traveller.

    Dahisar River Walk by Hallu Hallu

    Mumbai’s only slow-walking tour, Hallu Hallu (slowly, slowly) conducts walks to discover places and people and wants to put participants in another person’s shoes. The Dahisar River Walk is a peek into the indigenous Warli community and is a lesson in understanding how the Warlis - one of the oldest inhabitants of Mumbai - co-exist with wild animals and to understand their sustainable livelihood. This walk includes breakfast at a Warli house, trail walking inside Sanjay Gandhi National Park along River Dahisar, a Warli art workshop, tribal fishing, making organic colour from river stones and a Warli meal.
    Hallu Hallu conducts several other walks and updates them regularly on its Instagram page (@gohalluhallu).
    Price: INR 1,550