Five Eateries To Call For Home-Delivery When Biryani Cravings Strike

Shalvi posted on 24 October

Let’s be honest, biryani is love, and you just don’t mess with love. And lately, there are more and more all-biryani dedicated eateries that are aiming to serve you the best – and all at home. So while you always have a Jaffer Bhai’s, Persia Darbar or The Bohri Kitchen, these biryani delivery joints are no less. Take a look for yourself.

Charcoal Eats

This place is slowly becoming the Dominos of biryani {the founders had referred to themselves as that and we don’t deny it}. With outlets spreading across the city, they’re your first option for quick and tasty biryani. While ordering, try their Afghani chicken tikka biryani {INR 260 for regular pack} and Dilliwala butter chicken biryani {INR 270}, both of which get full marks for their taste and the succulent pieces of meat only enhance their flavour.

Click here to order or you could even order from their app.

Ammi’s Biryani

As the name suggests, this is the place to call for home-style, delicious biryani served at your doorstep for when the craving strikes. When ordering, remember to order their chicken Hyderabadi biryani {INR 199}, where long grain basmati rice is cooked in kachchi dum style, along with marinated chicken, and is served hot with raita and salan {the mutton variant is equally delicious}. We also love their spicy Andhra chicken biryani, which is just as delicious {INR 209}.

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Behrouz Biryani

Been seeing their ads everywhere? Well, it’s time you place your order then because this biryani is slowly becoming one of most sought-after in the city. Try their murg tikka biryani {INR 299 for a regular pack} where tender and well-cooked pieces of meat are mixed with long-grained rice. You could also try their dum gosht biryani {INR 359 for a regular pack}, which is a complete delight for all mutton lovers.

You can click here to place your order or look them up on Zomato or Swiggy.

Hyderabad Xpress

For those in and around Andheri, here’s a place that will put an end to all your cravings. Gorge on the delicious egg tawa biryani {INR 110 for half} which is one of the most recommended ones here after, of course, everyone’s favourite chicken dum biryani {INR 130 for half}. Known for its quick delivery and delicious taste, Hyderabad Xpress is a hit with all the locals.

Contact: +918419938333

Go Biryan

Love the Bohri mutton biryani? Then pick up the phone and place your order now from Go Biryan. Try their tasty Bohri-style lamb biryani {INR 190 for a queen size portion} or their deliciously cooked lamb Afghani biryani {INR 190 for a queen-size portion}. Both of these are cooked to perfection and are pure goodness with every bite.

Contact: 022 26534 8844 (Andheri), 022 23015 1707 (Khar)

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