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Cocoa, Cookies & Cosiness: Here's Where To Grab The Best Cup Of Hot Chocolate

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Nothing comforts the soul like a mug of hot chocolate. We're ever hopeful that the weather will cool down. One of the best ways to uplift your mood and get cosy is with a mug of rich hot chocolate. Here's are some spots in Mumbai where you can grab the best cup of hot cocoa and desserts. Psst, these are great date spots too!

PS: Now, if you're too lazy to get off your bed, we've got a solution for that too! Stock up your kitchen with these hot chocolate blends which will legit help you make that cafe-style hot chocolate right from your home!  

Grandmama’s Café

A pleasant, spacious ambiance, soothing colors, cozy interiors and a mug of hot chocolate make this one of our favourite spots in the city to enjoy a meeting, work or some me-time as we watch the rain outside. They have some interesting flavours to try too, and if you ask us, we’d totally opt for their roasted marshmallow hot chocolate.

What to order: Grandma's Signature Hot Chocolate, Hazelnut Hot Chocolate

Cost: INR 210 onwards

Coffee by Di Bella

We’ve always loved their coffees, and their hot chocolate is our go-to drink at this coffee chain in the winter. They too have super interesting flavours, the peanut butter hot chocolate being our favourite - throwback to Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and we couldn't be happier!

What to order: Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate, Nutella Hot Chocolate

Cost: INR 230 onwards

The Pantry

The Pantry has now gone fully online, and while we're super bummed out that their lovely little cafe has closed, we're glad we can still order their delish food. What's always a boon is that they even have healthier alternatives to regular milk, so if you’re lactose intolerant but a lover of hot chocolate, you know where to order from.

What to order: Nutty Hot Chocolate

Cost: INR 245

#LBBTip: They deliver on Thrive in Juhu and Kalaghoda

La Folie Du Chocolate

Here is another option for those watching their diets. They use 70% single origin Venezuelan chocolate, which means you can indulge without feeling too guilty. It is also an Instagram friendly café, which means you can come back with a lot of cute pictures from your hot chocolate date.

What to order: Signature Hot Chocolate, Mexican Hot Chocolate (if you like that spicy after-kick)

Cost: INR 240 onwards

Suzette Creperie And Cafe

Their homemade hot chocolate is comfort in a cup. Warm, dark, thick and highly comforting, each sip literally soothes your soul. They use homemade cocoa, and offer only two flavours- the classic hot chocolate and the one topped with caramel and foamy hot milk.

What to order: Dark Hot Chocolate

Cost: INR 250

Slay Coffee

Slay Coffee

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Slay Coffee totally won us over with their cute AF packaging. While their specialty is of course coffee that too in a huge variety of interesting flavours, they also do hot chocolate when you're feeling extra indulgent - if you love to experiment with flavours you'll want to try the lanvender-scented Go Sin! Hot Chocolate

What to order: Go Sin! Lavender Hot Chocolate or Classic Mom Made Hot Chocolate

Cost: 180 onwards.

Poetry By Love And Cheesecake

The great thing about Poetry by Love & Cheesecake is that you can go all-out in your indulgence and order in a slice of cheesecake or pastry with that cuppa hot chocolate. They've got two kinds to choose from - a classic and a Nutella. 

What to order: Nutella Hot Chocolate

Cost: INR 220

Coco Cafe

A paradise/haven for chocolate lovers, Coco Cafe is our latest obsession when it comes to late night desserts or just to shooo away our random mid-week cravings. With outlets in Fort, Lower Parel and Sakinana - this tiny Pintertsy paradise is winning hearts of dessert lovers across the city. 

What To Order: After Eight Hot Chocolate [peppermint hot chocolate] or the classic hot chocolate 

Cost: INR 350


Iconic Bandra cafe and a must-visit during the winter/Christmas season, Chantilly's hot chocolate is basically comfort in a mug. Apart from their lip-smacking goodies, we love their cutesy and Pinteresty decor. 

What To Order: Classic Hot Chocolate

Cost: INR 250


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