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Hurrem's In Fort Has Turkish Food Like You've Never Had Before! Order In Now

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What Makes It Awesome

For everyone with an experimental side, food's an area where you can really go crazy. Unthinkable combinations (that may or may not work), exotic meats, rare fruits, and underrepresented cuisines are ways to indulge that curious streak, and we're always looking for places in the city that'll give you what you won't get anywhere else.

When we first heard about Hurrem's, it had us asking ourselves where we've seen Turkish cuisine represented. Not Middle Eastern, which there's no dearth of, but just Turkish cuisine. This is a country where a lot of us have started heading to for holidays, but somehow, there hasn't been a dedicated space that truly showcases Turkish cuisine. Sure, it may be meat-heavy, and maybe not all that compatible with the Indian palate, but we think it's never been appropriated sufficiently for the desi taste.

Hurrem's is low-key revolutionary in this sense. This is about as authentic as it gets… The head chef's been flown in all the way from Gaziantep (AKA Turkey's culinary capital), and has been whipping up magic in his Island City kitchen. Surrounded by heritage, Hurrem's is a new landmark that has people falling in love with baklava (an underrated wonder), Turkish food, and Turkish tea and coffee.

And guess what… Hurrem's accomplishes their authenticity while having an a 100% vegetarian menu. A thoughtful and inclusive endeavour, we found out that the chefs here Indianized, vegetarianized and therefore ameliorated iconic Turkish dishes, so what we get is perfectly genuine Turkish fare, which is 100% desi-friendly. While there are several savouries on the menu, the baklavas are the star of the show.
With a process that we're sure somehow involves a cauldron (we're telling you, it's magical!), the sweet treat has us enchanted in a way we never imagined.

It's no surprise that we were very tempted to try, well, everything. We started things off with the Mixed Vegetable Pide, a distant cousin of the pizza (and much easier to eat), the Spinach and Mozzarella Borek, a focaccia sandwich-esque preparation that's the perfect mid-day snack, and a stellar Za'atar bread, which comes with a 30-spice topping with stunning depth of flavour.

Apart from the breads, we went for the Olive Salad, which (surprisingly) blew us away. We think there's only so much excitement you can feel for something that's labelled as a salad, but we were NOT prepared to love this as much as we did. Tangy, fresh, and rich in flavour, this came with pomegranate pearls, pomegranate molasses, mint, tomatoes and onion. This is a great light lunch, work meal and a diet-friendly choice.

And now it's time we discussed the baklava. The chefs are true baklava chefs - prep begins days in advance for a single piece of this stuff. With about @5 rotating variations, Hurrem's keeps things true to culture - there's MANY different kinds of baklava. There's the Fistik Dolma (basically baklava with a nut filling), the Gul, the Havuc Dilmeh (pronounced as haa-uch dili-meh), and several kinds of Lokum (AKA Turkish Delight), too. Crusted with rose petals, dried fruit, and nut slivers, most of their confectionery is very rich, and need to be savoured patiently. We'll tell you why. There's a huge amount of nuance when it comes to each dish. We were shook when we heard that some of their signatures have 80 layers of pastry - unbelievably thin, fine and precise. Special cream fillings, glazes and shapes are the norm, here, so make sure you indulge in a ton of conversation with the staff. It's worth it, and you'll find that there's a lot to learn here!

Timings may be affected by Covid-19. Currently, you can order in or opt for a take-away.

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