Art Gallery, Performance Area & More: Kala Ghoda Has A New Cultural Space Like No Other


    In the middle of the art district of South Mumbai, Si Bambai, a new cultural space that also doubles up as an art gallery has opened. It’ll look at organising exhibitions, poetry reading sessions, play and more.

    A Multi-Dimensional Space For Art Lovers

    Si Bambai is housed out of a building that is almost 90 years old, hidden away on the third floor {above Henpecked restaurant} in Kala Ghoda.

    It’s a humble setting to begin with – with a very studio like vibe. The floors are wooden with an extensive light set up that was installed recently. We checked it out recently and witnessed an exhibition with a gorgeous painting by an upcoming Indian artist lighting up the space.

    And this is the idea behind Si Bambai – it will give a platform to artists who want to showcase their work but haven’t been queued up for by other art galleries in town. It’s a more approachable space and all you need to do is get in touch with Rajesh Krishna, the owner of this beautiful space.

    What We Love

    Si Bambai is looking to organise more cultural activities in Kala Ghoda. Rajesh tells us since the space is his, he doesn’t have to deal with the rentals and can consider curating unique and offbeat events.So far, they have organised plays, classical dance performances and even poetry reading sessions.

    We especially loved the one wall donning vintage and rare b/w photographs of Bollywood actors from Rajesh’s personal collection.

    We’ve been told these come from the 200-odd repository of Rajesh’s father, who was a journalist with the Blitz. In fact, Rajesh, at some point is looking to organise an exhibition displaying more of these rare {and super candid} photos of the actors.

    So, We’re Saying…

    A city like Mumbai, despite being crammed for venues, is coming up with such avenues. Si Bambai will be hosting a lot more cultural events in future, and have already made their presence felt in the culturally-rich district of SoBo.

    If you’re an artist and are looking for a space to showcase your work, please get in touch via mail at directly or message them on Facebook.


    Post monsoons, they’ll plonk out chairs on their beautifully narrow terrace for a quick cuppa of chai and food.