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This Kalina Restaurant Is A Must-Visit If Your Favourite Cuisine Is 'Chindian'

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If you love good ole’ Indian-Chinese {or ‘Chindian’ food}, you will fall in love with King Chilli Chindian Fusion. A tiny restaurant, it’s the Udupi of Chinese food: air-conditioned, clean, good food and with some good music playing in the background.

Chow Down

We started with the chicken kung pao and steamed chicken wontons. Their kung pao sauce is flavoursome and you wouldn’t want to miss it. The chicken was juicy and cooked to perfection. The wontons weren’t bad either, but not as good as the dimsums that we ordered next.

They have a variety of dimsums. We ordered chicken sui mui, which took a good 20 minutes to arrive at our table, but the waiters were kind enough to let us know this in advance. And oh my, it was worth the wait. The mild flavours of the juicy little dumplings sure made our day.

Next was their Thai pot rice which was again perfectly cooked with the right flavours. We ended with prawns kung pao, mostly because we fell in love with their kung pao sauce.

What Else?

This tiny restaurant is sure to miss your eyes. It looks like a local Chinese restaurant, but when you enter you realize it has a beautiful ambience, specially because of the cosiness it offers, the lights and the music. The service is great, with the waiter smiling at all times, always making sure they say the three magical words – ‘Enjoy your meal’.This place is easily the best Chinese place out of those 25-30 that I have been to in Mumbai.

Located in Kalina, this place has a variety in its menu which includes Chinese, Thai and Asian cuisine.

So, We're Saying...

The menu is amazing, the service is fabulous, the quantity doesn’t disappoint and it’s complete value for money. It’s a tiny restaurant. It’s shut between 3pm to 7pm.