High And Dry: Pick-Up And Drop Laundry Services That Will Keep You Going

    We understand the pain of living alone, and the tough task of washing clothes sans washing machine. For the lazy bones (hi-five), we’ve rounded up budget laundry services that offer free pick-up and drop. Now no more hanging clothes on chairs and doors for three days at a stretch.

    Be Clean

    Be Clean

    Andheri East, Mumbai

    With a self-explanatory name, Be Clean offers free pick up and drop of load of clothes after washing, ironing and folding your clothes. Look no further because they also offer dry cleaning services as well, along with shoe and bag dry cleaning. Just download their app and place your order, or do it on their website for a pick up. They have different rate cards and packages per month, for couples, family and individuals. However, the delivery only happens 3 days later. Heads up, they only offer services from Kandivali to Bandra, so sorry SoBo, bad luck.

    Price: Clothes- INR 150 per kg for washing, INR 60 for ironing and folding; bags - for small ones, INR 150/piece, for medium ones INR 225/piece, and for large ones INR 350/piece. 

    Laundry Please

    Laundry Please is a super affordable laundry service with free pick up and drop across Navi Mumbai only. They will wash and iron clothes for us, and also offer dry cleaning and shoe laundry among other facilities. Make a booking on their website, or just call them. The delivery is fixed at the time of your booking, however you can opt for express delivery and they’ll get back your washed clothes to you within 24 hours. To reschedule your delivery, make sure you do so at least 2 hour prior to the slotted time. This one too, does shoes and bags, apart from acing the apparel laundry game. 

    Price: For one shirt, the cost is as low as INR 60. 

    Fab Fresh

    This one's super affordable and they utilize the latest technology for all your laundry needs and assure you that your clothes will be returned intact and thoroughly clean, just within 24 hours. All you've gotta do is download their app, book a pick-up and be worry-free. They have multiple plans that you can browse: On The Go, Fab 10, Fab 30, FFresh 30.

    Price: INR 99 per kg, INR 22 per item

    The Washing Bay

    The Washing Bay is a laundry service that's super convenient and easy to use. We love that they have a free pick up and drop service too and they promise that all the clothes are hygienically washed in clean water. They offer three types of services dry clean, wash and iron and steam iron services.

    Prices: Dry cleaning starts at INR 47, shirts and tops at INR 94, heavy sarees at INR 354. Minimum order is INR 500. Laundry service is per kilo, minimum of 2 kg and starts at INR 200, steam iron services start at INR 30, minimum order INR 200.


    Dapper offers on-demand laundry services with a convenient pick up and drop. They charge a minimum of INR 150 for the free pick up and drop. What's great is that you have the option of paying online or doing a cash on delivery too. They operate on all days of the week, so if you're run off your feet during the week, you can opt for pick up during the weekend. 

    Price: Washing services start at INR 90 per kg, wash and press starting at INR 30, dry clean at INR 60, and only press at INR 20.