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Learn Coding For Free At Home And Become A Certified Coder From This Website

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What Makes It Awesome

Coding is one of the skills which can be the monetary equivalent of Bitcoin: seems intimidating and complicated but if you learn it successfully, it can lead to an immense amount of success. Coding will fetch you that paycheck you want and not to mention, you’ll have so much fun coding something special of your own! There are so many unique designs you can add and scripts you can learn. With, it’s not only simplified but also completely free! 

Spend 2 hours every day at home on this website to learn to code. You can choose from over 6000 tutorials on Javascript, Python, CSS, HTML, Linux Command Line, SQL, Bootstrap and more. Seems completely foreign to you? Fret not, because the website will also explain what each software or language means. You can do a whole certified course for Data Visualization, responsive web design, Javascript Algorithms and more, all free of cost! 

The website also mentions the number of hours required for each course and preps you for a coding interview. More than 40,000 people who have used have gotten reputable jobs at Spotify, Google, Microsoft, Apple and more companies!


The website is donation (tax-exempted) supported, so feel free to donate whatever you can to keep it going. We’re currently learning the basics of Javascript. What about you?