Things To Do At MGF Metropolitan Mall

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Done (window) shopping at MGF Metropolitan Mall in Gurgaon? We've got plans for you. Here are all the things that you can do on your trip here. 

PVR Cinemas

The PVR at MGF Metropolitan Mall is a one of the best halls in Gurgaon for a movie date. They've got over 6 screens, and you have the option to watch 2D, 3D, and even 4DX movies. The PVR 4DX here has to be our favourite though because you can feel the wind, smell the scents, and actually feel like you're in the movie. So, the next time you're in MGF, be sure to catch the latest release in 4DX! 


Amoeba is a family entertainment centre with a gaming arcade, a bowling alley, pool tables, 5D theatre and foosball tables. They've actually got everything from air hockey to the regular basketball shooting games here. The space can accommodate almost 100 people, so it's definitely a great spot for children's birthday parties and fun family get-togethers. 


Let'emplay is a mini children's entertainment centre. If you're out on a shopping spree and have (fussy) kids accompanying you, this is the play centre that will keep them entertained. Little ones can jump around in the bouncy castle, play kid's air-hockey, drive around in adorable mini cars, and really, just have a ball. If you want to keep the kids (& yourself) happy, Let'emplay is the place to be! 

Looks Salon

Whether you need a basic trim, or want to colour your hair in the most experimental of shades, Looks Salon won't disappoint. Thankfully, it's a unisex salon, so if you and bae are out shopping and need a little pick-me-up after a day of store-hopping and trial room runs, here's where you can head to. In case you were wondering, hair cuts, hair spas, beard trims, and facials are some of their most popular services.

Geetanjali Salon

If you don't mind splurging a little, and if impeccable service is your priority, head straight to Geetanjali Salon. We'd usually recommend them for manicure, pedicures, and edgy haircuts. They're also great with party/wedding make-up, so in case you're prepping for a special day, booking an appointment at Geetanjali would be a good idea. 

Food Court & Eateries

If none of these options seem to pique your interest, well, there's always food. You can choose from the good 'ol Haldiram's, McDonald's, and Rajasthali, or head to one of the up and coming eateries like Handcrafted Burger Co. and Pan Bangkok. We do have to admit though, the number of food options here are limited.