Sponsor A Football Team Or Volunteer To Mentor Underprivileged Kids With This City-Based Organisation

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If you’re looking to do your bit for the underprivileged children and support them in your own little way, then Mumbai-based, The Little League is the organisation you need to sign up for.

Adopt A Team

The Little League {TLL} is a non-profit organisation that was formed fairly recently to uplift and provide a platform to the kids who come from an underprivileged background. Just like the English Premier League, TLL enriches its kids via the beautiful sport of football and has eight teams with 12 kids in it. They get regular football training, and the idea is to get them out and hone the sporty skills.

Just like in EPL, an owner adopts a team, in this case, corporate companies and offices can opt to sponsor a team {for one entire season of nine months} and in the bargain they adopt the 12 kids as well. The sponsorship money, then, goes for the welfare of the kids. The TLL model involves weekly football training sessions and periodic tournaments.

However, TLL also offers packages within this. If the company is looking to allocate more funds to say education than nutrition, then a package is devised accordingly. It forms bases of an interactive charity and the employees of the company can individually get updates on the kids, their development and more.

Get Involved And Become A Mentor

TLL has also initiated a lovely mentor-mentee programme wherein you can sign up to be a mentor for one of the 96 kids. They understand working professionals, or college students may not be able to fully commit to a cause full-time, therefore, the mentors are expected meet with their mentees once a month.

This Big Brother programme then offers to put up you up in an advisory role with the kid. Wherein for nine months you meet them {once a month face to face}, offer your guidance, and at least be available via phones/messages throughout. Ritika Temkar, a co-founder and the head of child development adds that the mentor programme aims to “create friendly interactions with the children and foster a sense of community.”

In order to apply for this, you need to go on the website here, and begin the application process. We’ve also been told this programme will inculcate location specific programme so you can volunteer near to your workplace/homeplace.

What We Love

TLL comes with a great cause, that is wholesome development of these underprivileged kids who generally come from broken families and vulnerable backgrounds. By putting them out in a sporting team, being sponsored by a company or even having a Big Brother who looks out for them individually, is a small step that goes a long way.

Additionally, vocational workshops are also organised for the kids along with outdoor excursions to parks, planetariums etc. All of this is to provide stable support to these young souls and help TLL achieve their goal. The first season of the football training will commence July onwards and we’re excited to see how this one shapes up.

So, We're Saying...

If you’d like to join in the cause, sponsor the team or just volunteer in your own little way, head to the website.

You can find more information here.