Visit This Tailor In Powai And Get A Well-Stitched Blouse Under INR 250


    What Makes It Awesome

    With a plethora of tailors bustling around in IIT market in Powai, it’s difficult to know which one to trust. We’re telling you about one of the best ones in town – Mallika Tailors.

    Great for womens wear ,they make Indian clothes – any suit pattern, cholis, lehengas, they can make it all. It is quite nominal with only INR 220 for a simple blouse, a simple lining one for INR 350 and padding for INR 750. For salwar suits, they charge INR 450 for a basic cut one, and INR 550 for one with lining. The charge will depend mostly on what you ask them to make.

    So if you've got a family event coming up or an office party, these guys will whip up a well-fitting outfit for you in no time. And that too, without breaking the bank.

    #LBBTip: We suggest you get your clothes stitched in advance during festive season as they might get busy and be unable to accommodate your order within a shorted time frame.