This Bandra Pub Is Serving Boozy Beer Milkshakes And We're Loving Them More With Every Sip

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Out on a brunch but kinda want to make it a drunch? Then head to Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden for milkshake beer and get your boozy brunch sorted out.

Sip On

Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden has introduced a special section of drinks combining milkshake and beer. They have three flavours currently on their menu.

They have a Caribbean Shake {mixed with coconut and flavour}, blackcurrant Basil Belgian shake {with Belgian wit, blackcurrant and basil} and a double chocolate shake {with dark lager beer, coffee and dark rum}.

These milkshakes are perfect for the monsoon season. Beer? Yes! Frothy and satisfying milkshake? Yes and Yes!

So, We're Saying...

These milkshake will definitely bring all the boys to yard.