Elena Fernandes Shares A Model's Guide To Eating And Working Out In Mumbai

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Let’s admit it- we all need a lot of motivation to actually start working towards achieving our fitness goals. So why not get motivated by the best in the business? Supermodel-cum-actor Elena Fernandes tells us how she manages to stay fit in this very busy and chaotic city.

Kitchen Garden By Suzette

I love Kitchen Garden. I love their baked eggs with Spanish ham as well as their granola yogurts. I’m a big fan of their green juices which I constantly stock up on. The quality of the food and green drinks are simply amazing. It tastes so good, you don’t even realise how amazingly healthy they are.

Three Chicks And A Bear

Honestly, I love hamburgers. There’s a place in Lower Parel called Three Chicks And A Bear and they truly make the best burgers. The Israeli burger is my absolute favourite.

Train Hard

I have trainers across the world since because of my career, I never know where I will be. In India, I have two trainers – Harrison and Imran {one who trains me in South Mumbai and the other in Bandra}. Imran focuses on a lot of cardio as well as a Pilates-style workout, while Harrison has a bootcamp style of training. They both mix up the routines so I don’t get bored. In London, there is Connor Minney at Barry’s Bootcamp who literally kills me on a daily basis. There’s also Reza Katani who puts me through my paces, who also trains Katrina Kaif.

Alternate Workout Options

If not the above, then I’d walk a lot, take the stairs rather than taking the lift. Around SoBo you can run from Worli sea-face all the way down to Atria Mall, depending on how ambitious you’re feeling. In Bandra there’s also a basketball court where you can mix up your routine and play basketball or even netball. To work the lower body it’s also worth cycling around from place to place. It’s a great workout whilst being environmentally friendly.