Head To This Farmland Near Dahanu Beach For A Relaxing Night Away

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What Makes It Awesome

In the coastal town of Dahanu in Maharashtra, there’s an agricultural farmland faithful to the cause of promoting awareness of agricultural practices and culture. Save Farms, as it is named, is a chikoo plantation and is a farm stay where you can go and stay overnight. Besides that it is a chikoo farm, there are exotic and local fruits and flowers blooming and blossoming everywhere. As people who are so detached from the roots of the food we consume, it is quite a different experience to be surrounded by all this nature. You will see mangoes, nutmeg, chikoo, jackfruit and figs (and more) growing around. Through the tour they will introduce you to farming, its technique and relevance.

There are hands-on and demonstrative workshops on activities such as warli paintings, bee-keeping, basket-weaving, coconut peeling and most importantly, rainwater harvesting. Adventure enthusiasts will find their fun in ziplining through the estate or even climbing coconut trees.

If you plan on spending a weekend here, their property has got some really nice room options. Think Bamboo Hut, Coconut Log House, Machaan Hut, Loft Huts, Shetkari Niwas and more. Their packages start from INR 5,000 and upwards. (the packages are inclusive of two meals)    

Save Farms has its own products such as fresh fruits, fresh kadi patta, chips made from chikoo, mango, available, which you can pick up while leaving. There are also two beaches nearby if you want to take a round outside the farms.


Treat this like an adventure-filled weekend, with much to see and learn but on a schedule too. The meals and snacks and served at specific timings, which aren’t flexible. The rooms are sweet and clean, and try and book one which is to your liking – the options are available on their site.

#LBBTip: They specify that alcohol isn’t allowed, so please plan your trip (and expectations) accordingly.