Fresh Veggies, Minnie The Dog And A Day Trip: Silver Oak Farm To the Rescue

Silver Oak Farm


Spend the day at an organic farm away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Let the kids and you explore the simple joys of farming!

Let's Play FarmVille

Silver Oak Farm is an organic farm and a home stay located at the foot of the Nandi Hills, near Bangalore. It is open to visitors on weekends and public holidays, a great opportunity to spend a day experiencing country life. The farmhouse has a magnificent location with beautiful views of the hills and lush green plains. Trekking enthusiasts can enjoy brisk nature walks or take up the challenging climb to the peak of Nandi Hills, with ample time in hand. The Silver Oak Farm folks also run bicycle tours on Sundays along with a professional agency.

Living The Good Life

The farm is managed by Praveen and Meera Khanna who are passionate about organic farming. Our first impression of the farm was that it had a beautiful view and clean fresh air. The warm welcome from the couple and wagging tail of their friendly dog Minnie added that extra special touch to our experience. Meera is a great cook and it worked out perfectly to laze around and enjoy the lunch put together by her, while taking in the resplendent view of the hills. The food was simple, sumptuous, and freshly made, with most of the ingredients used were from the farm.

After lunch we walked around the farm, guided by one of the staff members and Minnie in tow. It was a pleasure to see a variety of fruit trees and vegetable patches on the farm. My little one enjoyed the walk along the plantation in the company of beautiful butterflies and chirping birds. He was excited to see so many trees and enjoyed plucking some fresh vegetables as well. He loved Minnie’s company who also guided us and dutifully waited whenever we stopped before moving on again!

In Good Company

We spent some time in the family courtyard which is home to a tortoise and fish in the small lily pond, perfect to keep the kids busy. In the courtyard they had a chalkboard where the kids can spend some time drawing/scribbling Overall, it is an ideal place for a day trip with family and children.

Stay A Day

The home stay bookings can only be made for groups of 10 adults or more. They have two large family rooms and two double rooms. There is no entrance fee, the guests are charged for meals only. The meal charges are INR 350 per head for breakfast, INR 450 for lunch and INR 100 for tea/coffee with evening snacks. Kids below 3 years are not charged. For home stay the tariff details are available on the website or you can also call the phone numbers listed below

Hot Tips

Call them at least a day in advance to make a prior booking for lunch. Also, credit cards are not accepted here. You can also carry back with you the farm’s ginger-lime, passion fruit juice, pickles, jams and preserves that are made from the farm produce.

Where: Sultanpet Village, Nandi Post Office 562103, Nandi Hills, Karnataka

When: Only open during weekends on Saturdays and Sundays

Price: INR 100 upwards for food

Contact: +91 9845652267 {Praveen} and +91 93425104456 {Meera}

Driving time from Bangalore: 1 hour, 10 minutes

Check out their website here.

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Silver Oak Farm