The Chance To Go Paragliding Is Just Two Hours Away From Mumbai

    Apoorva posted on 10 December


    Nirvana Adventures in Kamshet – just about two and a half hours away from Mumbai – gives us the chance to learn how to paraglide in two days, or just give it a shot once. Who’s joining?

    How Does It Work?

    Nirvana Adventures is geared towards newbies to the sport. So their roster includes tandem paragliding joyrides, site guiding, courses to learn paragliding which range from two days to a club pilot course, as well as conducting explorations and free-flying trips to sites around the area.

    The two-day course is what caught our eye, since it would make for a great weekend getaway for those looking to do something different. The highlight of the course is several low altitude flights {bunny hops} off the bottom slopes of the training hill. During this course, we will be taught the forward launch technique, ground handling, how to conduct low-level flights, course correction, maintaining airspeed, landing post landing procedure, site assessment, as well as audio and video interactive sessions.

    Anything Else?

    The course package includes equipment usage, course material, instruction and radio supervision. Complimentary site transport and food and stay at the guesthouse is also included. You can also call ahead if you want to just visit for a day and try out paragliding just once with a trained instructor, and they can set it up for you. Be warned, plan your visit during good weather, since they won’t be conducting any paragliding during unsafe conditions, such as excessive rain.

    So We're Saying...

    As soon as the rains let up, pack your bags and take to the air in Kamshet.

    Price:  INR 2500 upwards for a tandem paragliding ten-minute ride

    Timings: Year-round

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    Nirvana Adventures

    Location Details

    Native Place, Golden Glades,Vadivali Lake, Uksan Village, Kamshet, Taluka Maval, Pune, Maharashtra