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Not Your Typical Drinks: Drink Hatke With These Cocktail-Inspired Seltzers!

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What Makes It Awesome

More often than not, eating healthier and going on a detox has become everyone’s top priority. So, it’s no surprise then that there is a whole class of beverage aficionados that are embracing non-alcoholic beverages over spirited options.
Meet the non-alcoholic beverage, the seltzer. Gen Z’s new love for social gatherings that are less focused on alcohol and mornings less clouded by its after effects, seltzer is now in India and is becoming the latest craze amongst young drinkers. Why? These are low on calories, consider it as a healthier alternative and more importantly, made with fresh flavoured extracts and then carbonised with the base of a cane spirit. So, if you’re looking to cut the booze yet relish the familiar taste of your favourite drinks, then these are for you.
Kati Patang, a successful craft beer beverage brand that immerses itself in millennial and gen Z-centric drinks and experiences has come up with non-alcoholic craft seltzers called the Kati Patang Not Drinks.
With the 3 variants released, my personal favourite and the most popular is the 'Not Gin & Tonic', with hints of sweet juniper, the freshness of lemon; basil and a pinch of bitterness from the tonic, this is your perfect sundowner drink. Next up is the 'Not Cosmopolitan', a little too sweet for a Cosmopolitan, the drink gets its flavours right starting from oranges, hints of pineapple, freshness from triple sec and a long finish of oranges.
Last but not the least, with the most consumed cocktail of all time the brand has brought ‘Not Old Fashioned’. I personally didn’t like the Old Fashioned, it could also be that for a first-time drinker of an Old Fashioned, the taste may appeal, but not for a seasoned cocktail drinker. This drink here has subtle flavours of aromatic bitters and has a sweet finish of vanilla and walnuts, a win-win if you ever ask any of us!