Tired Of Sipping On Coke? Here Is A List Of Delicious Alternatives

    We feel the pressing desire to sip on yummy cold beverages, whether it's an ice cold coffee or late night cocktails. Cold beverages are a must have in every fridge, you never know when you’ll need one for entertainment or for comfort. We’ve made a fine list of beverage options for everyone that loves to stock up their fridge with something more than just water. 

    Ready-To-Drink Classic Iced Coffee

    Ready-To-Drink Classic Iced Coffee - Set of 6 (200ml Each)


    Starting off with a drink option for all, especially for teetotallers because we ain't going to exclude them from the pleasure of sipping on something cold. Sleepy Owl, based in Delhi sources it's own coffee beans from Chikmagalur and they offer some amazing options. Our personal favourite is their ready-to-drink  iced coffee. Crack open a cold one with your buddies! 

    Rise Up Kombucha - Juicy Blue

    Rise Up Kombucha - Juicy Blue - 275 ml (Pack of 4)


    If you're looking for a colder version to add to your extensive tea collection, we'd recommend our favourite - juicy blue kombucha by The Odd Gumnut. You can serve this the next time you invite guests over for tea, we bet they're going to love this fizzy and healthy alternate of tea at your next party. 

    Blue Lagoon, Virgin Mojito & Red Lady Mocktail

    Blue Lagoon, Virgin Mojito & Red Lady Mocktail (3-in-1 Pack)


    No matter what the weather, we love our mocktails. It's a great alternative for alcohol or an aerated drink. This pack of three mocktails by Litt Mocktails has been our favourite, it's literally a mocktail in a bottle (what's not to love?). If you're looking for a burst of flavours, try it as a mixer with your alcoholic drinks. 

    Assorted Cocktail Mixer Combo

    Assorted Cocktail Mixer Combo - Set of 8 (250ml Each)


    If you're looking for the perfect mixer for your amazing collection of alcohol, you owe to try these cocktail mixers by Jimmy's Cocktails. We're so used to having the best time and the best party at home, we couldn't resist but stalk our home with this mixer combo (we don't miss waiting in long queues at the bar for our favourite cocktail anymore).

    Gunsberg Grapefruit Ale

    Gunsberg Grapefruit Ale - Pack of 6 (325ml each)


    If you're looking for a cold refreshing beverage with the perfect hint of flavour our recommendation is this non-alcoholic grapefruit ale by Gunsberg. It is the perfect substitute for anyone that loves to crack open a cold beer on the evenings, this cold non-alcoholic beverage tastes a lot like beer. 

    Low Calorie Elderflower Tonic Water

    Low Calorie Elderflower Tonic Water (Case of 6)


    This hipster tonic water by Sepoy & Co is well known and much loved. Not only is their packaging way cooler than your regular tonic water, but it also taste way better than your shelf bought (overly sweet tasting) tonic water. We love tonic water with our gin of course but sometimes we also love sipping on tonic water just by itself, if you're like us then you definitely need to stock up on this one. 

    Pure Pomegranate Juice: Sugar-Free

    Pure Pomegranate Juice: Sugar-Free-200 ml - Pack of 6


    Looking for a healthy cold beverage option? Here is it, we love the pure pomegranate juice by Smoodies. This brand uses hundred percent natural fruits to blend some of the most delicious and of course healthy juices for you. On the days you're feeling lazy to make your own smoothie blend, you can be sure to look to Smoodies to quench your thirst. 

    Raspberry Fruit Juice Powder - Real Fruit Only

    Raspberry Fruit Juice Powder - Real Fruit Only - 45gm


    Here is yet another option for people looking for a healthy cold beverage option, try juices by Nattfru. This is our choice of juice powder (raspberry!) we love mixing in more than just water. This juice powder right here can be used as a mix in your dessert, cocktail, jams and ice creams too. We bet once you try this there is no turning back.