Imagine A Monopoly Board Covering Your Area? This Service Makes It Possible!

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What Makes It Awesome

From being a conversation (or a debate) starter to making a huge gang of friends shun their phones and sit in one circle - board games have always had our trust when it comes to elevating our social plans. Whether it's a house party, a themed board game night or just a random date plan indoors - I've always been excited when I hear the words board games. So, clearly, I was on cloud 9 when I came across Games Knight. Boardgame lovers, listen up and sit tight. This might completely change the way we play board games.   

Started in September 2020 by Mridula Gupta, this venture customizes and personalizes popular board games. And these are curated in a way to encompass your folk's favourite memories, stories, or inside jokes even. Oh, and they recently curated a game set for Sara Ali Khan and her friends. And when we say customized, Mridula takes things a little seriously and makes sure the tiniest and unimagined details are tailored as per your preference. 

She customized her first board game at the age of 15 for a friend, and 11 years later, she's finally leveraged her passion for board games into a full-fledged venture. And we couldn't be happier! Currently, she offers over 20 board games options which include our favourite ones like UNO, Monopoly, Taboo, Ludo, Sequence, Phase 10, Catan and many more.

From changing the colours of your UNO cards and making them all pastel to making an entire Monopoly board game based on the location you're living in (think SoBo for Mumbai or South Delhi in Delhi) - she can do it all. Taboo cards can be customised to include the iconic food joints in your locality. How cool is this? 

So, here's how it works. When you approach them - they ask you to fill out a game-specific questionnaire and based on your answers, their creative teams will curate something unique and one-of-a-kind game for you! 

Their service charges start from INR 2000 and upwards. 

From board games to wooden puzzles and from personalised poker sets to card games with your pet's names - each game they curate becomes more of an experience than a product. Especially now that we're all spending most of our times indoors, what's better than this to curate a game for yourself and have a fun board night game with your family and friends. 


Also, these make amazing and unique gifting options too - for birthdays, weddings or just to make your bae feel special with something personalized. Oh, and they not just deliver pan-India, but also worldwide.