Order In Desserts With A Cordon Bleu Touch From Eighth

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What Makes It Awesome

We originally stumbled upon Eighth Studio at a music festival. The festival spanned two days and both days had us heading back to Eighth's stall for their ultra decadent and buttery tarts and chocolate-laden pastries. A not very long while later, they had us reaching for the phone to place an order. 

What luck to discover that they are delivering their tarts, cakes and cookies even during the quarantine. We hit up their Instagram page to see what's baking (at home) and found plenty to make us sigh in happiness. We spotted decadent chocolate cakes, classic eclairs with rich fillings, gorgeous mango tarts and mango cream cake, perfectly baked choco-chip cookies and more. Baked by founder and owner, Anurita Ghoshal from her home kitchen, this is a great way to support a local business while also getting your dessert fix for the week!

If that doesn't have you reaching for the phone yet, we don't know what will. You can place your orders by emailing them or giving them a call and prices are on request. 


We suggest you pre-order your desserts in advance and keep an eye out for special occasion cakes and desserts on their Instagram!