Crash Landing On You: We're Talking About A Bowl Of Kimchi Here!

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I Say Kimchi

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What Makes It Awesome

If you're reading this, you're probably a Korean drama fan. And let's just accept it, apart from falling for their lovey-dovey scenes, their flawless skin, and their kawaii-like homes - we all were tempted to slurp that ramen every time they did. Idika Kothari, a fan of the Korean culture herself and the founder of I Say Kimchi, will surely agree with me on this. 

After seeing the wave of Korean drama and K-pop hit us Indians, she decided to leverage her love for Korean dramas through a small venture which is dedicated entirely to Kimchi - a staple Korean dish. While it was her passion for cooking and K drama that made her want to start this delivery joint, she also wanted to increase awareness about Korean food in Mumbai. Where, there are many people like you and me who have spent literally entire nights watching those long one-hour episodes. So, delivery kitchens like these are a huge welcome! 

Kickstarted in January 2021, currently, I Say Kimchi offers only vegan Kimchi, with plans to expand the menu to add more Korean dishes in the future. You can expect Kimchi fried rice, Kimchi dumplings, Japchae stir-fried glass noodles and more. The best part? She delivers not just in Mumbai, but all over India. Her pricing starts from INR 250 for 250 gms and upwards.   


The eatery's services have been paused at the moment but they plan to resume once the lockdown has eased! So till then folks, bookmark this and keep.