This New Delivery Joint Does Yummy 11-Inch Neapolitan Pizza

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What Makes It Awesome

One of the most striking differences between Neapolitan pizza and other types of pizza is its puffed up and chewy crust. And if you're yet to try it or are simply in a mood to give the conventional pizzas a break, I suggest ordering heavenly slices of Neapolitan pizzas from Bandra's newest pizza delivery joint called OD Pizza (aka One Degree Pizza). Everything - from dough to cheese and sauce - is handmade. The fresh tomato sauce is made from tomatoes imported from Italy, we are told! The mozzarella is bought from the top creameries in Mumbai. And fun fact, their basil is grown hydroponically (so healthy for you and the environment). The dough used to make these pizzas is rested for a good 8 to 48 hours - to make the crust super light and airy.

The good folks at One Degree took a good 1.5 years to bring to you the best Neapolitan pizza experience. And you can tell that from every bite you take. I tried their Margarita and the OD special pizza (topped with Spinach, mushroom, and a mix of parmesan and mozzarella). And oh boy! It made my weekend and were a perfect way to elevate my Netflix binge-watching session. The crust was super light and thin and the sauce was top notch. Note: make sure you reheat the pizza once before eating. It makes the entire experience 10x better. Apart from the ones mentioned above you can opt for their Marinara, Fiama, Burratin or Quattro Formaggi. 

The pricing starts from INR 500 and upwards for hearty 11-inch pizzas.