{Not So Dead} Poets Society: These Poetry Clubs In Mumbai Should Be On Your Radar

Abhijeet posted on 02 January

Ten-Second Takeaway

Poetry can be the most freeing of art forms. It can be private or public, or even a mix of the two. Here we bring you poetry reading clubs in Mumbai that not only serve as a space to speak out loud, but also where you can have your 15 minutes of fame. Most of these places also have workshops, so check ‘em out!


Kommune, in its simplest sense, is a collective of artists, poets, singers and anyone else with a creative bone as they showcase storytelling across the country. Bringing poetry to our phones and social media, Kommune has been successfully conducting storytelling and poetry slamming workshops, and everyone is welcome to these events.

The Poetry Club - TPC

Started in 2013 by two students in the city, The Poetry Club meets once a month where the emphasis is on the performance and giving a chance to new talent. They believe that more than just writing and sharing, if everyone comes together to listen to each other with passion; the poet and, the poetry both get a poetic justice, of sorts. A perfect platform for novice writers to showcase their work, the poet in you should be aching to join this club.

Open Sky

Open Sky is a platform which brings together artists in the field of poetry, dance and music, and helps them showcase their talent. It’s a collective of open minds and welcomes all sorts of opinions. With regular gigs happening around the city, you can join them for an open mic night. Keep yourself updated here.

If you’re a poet, and you know it – you need to grab a copy of Sharanya Manivannan’s The Altar of the World.  Deeply reflective, brimming with wonder, mythic in resonance and surprisingly spiritual, these will transport you into a different world. With poems of exile, resurrection, impossible love and lasting redemption – you won’t be able to put this book down!

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