Vegetarians, Burma Burma's New Menu Is Both Weird And Delicious


    Vegetarians can rejoice as Burma Burma revamps its menu to bring even more delectable veggie delights for you – including popcorn tea, which we are super intrigued by.

    Chow Down

    Ever heard of popcorn tea? You can try it now if you haven’t, because Burma Burma has just introduced a new menu that will make tea-lovers and vegetarians really, really happy. The initial menu of Burma Burma was largely based on the specialties of the Rangoon region of Burma. However, this new menu will brings flavours from Bagaan, Mandalay and even the Inle Lake regions in the country.

    One of the new introductions in the menu is tohu, which is a variety of tofu made from gram flour served with flaky parathas. Try their Tohu Mok Palatha- tohu mash with parantha {INR 310}, which is a popular dish from the Shan cuisine. They also have Naykar Gyun Akyaw Thoke {INR 330} which is a sunflower leaves and crispy wheat flakes salad; Shwedagon Khowsuey {INR 360}, which is noodles served with gram flour, tomato curry and thick coconut cream; Kowni Ghin {INR 350}, which is grilled sticky rice served with your choice of filling like brown onion and roasted chilly to Burmese salsa wrapped in banana leaf and grilled and served piping hot. Remember, sticky rice to Burmese cuisine is what sushi is to Japanese food- a staple and an essential.

    They’ve also found a way to quirk up the tea leaf from the Mandalay region with a stir fry of tea leaves, tohu and bak choy as part of the new offerings. In the noodles, there is now a Nangyi Khowsuey {INR 350}, which is a popular Bamar one-dish snack of flat rice noodles with roasted gram flour, paprika and onions. If you have a massive sweet tooth, then try their combination of a sticky toffee sauce with a chilled coconut custard, fresh pineapple and pineapple foam called Oh No Na Nat Coco Pina {INR 270}.

    Sip On

    There are many fresh entries in the drinks section, too. Bubble Tea in soy milk {INR 280 for a pot} from the Taiwanese region with real tapioca pearls, and Popcorn Tea from Japan called Genmaicha {INR 250 for a pot}, that has popping kernels with every sip, are a must-have, we’re told. There are around 45 varieties of teas from various countries along with many mocktails, so you will have a ball choosing.

    So We’re Thinking…

    Burma Burma doesn’t have to be a vegetarian’s shrine alone, because believe us, the delicious food will melt everyone’s heart. The next time you’re planning to dine out, consider this as one of the options.