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Check Out The Newest & Awesome Burmese Place In Kolkata Now!

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Burma, the golden land, is famous not only for its abundant use of gold leaf on its temples and shrines but also for its exquisite cuisine.

On october this year burma burma, india's only authentic burmese restaurant and tea room has opened doors in kolkata. The brand is known for its unique tastes and flavours from burma. The menu here is greatly inspired by its neighbouring countries, native tribes and ancient traditions.


1. Samuza hincho
This tangy samosa soup is served with vegetables and spiced black chickpeas. It was weird at first but now I can swear by it.

2. Taro & moringa soup
This is a speciality of kyan tribe where the goodness of taro and moringa leaves creates an exotic flavour.


1. Mandalay laphet thoke
This is a delicacy of burma where tea leaves are used in salad making. Here crunchy nuts, fried garlic, toasted sesame seeds are used to add texture. The lovely crunch of the nuts is the best part.

2. Tayat thi thoke
This is a summer delight with shreds of raw mango with roasted nuts. It has a perfect balance of sweet and sourness.

3. Sunflower leaves & crispy wheat flakes salad
As the name goes it consists of sunflower leaves and wheat flakes, this salad is loaded with flavours of tamarind chilli dressing. Its a delicacy of kachin region.


1. Kyar yoe kyaw
A great snack to munch on is this lotus stem crisps which are flavoured with paprika and curry leaves.

2. Grill that 'bao'
These soft fluffy buns are filled with mock meat. I found the mock meat weirdly amazing.

3. "Wa" potato
These wok-tossed potatoes are seasoned with roasted chilies, crushed peanuts and brown onions.

4. Mont lin mayar
These pan-fried dumplings are not at all like the typical dumplings we get here. These are rice and sesame dumplings topped with raw mango salad.

Main course

1. Burma Burma "Oh no khowsuey"
This is their signature dish which is a must-try for all. Noodles merged in coconut milk infused gravy with tamarind and lemongrass is topped with different condiments.

2. Mon mustard edamame rice
This jasmine rice is found to be a speciality in mon tribe which is cooked in sun-dried mustard broth with buttered edamame.

3. Water chestnut, tofu, lotus stem & enoki stir fry
This is my personal favourite where everything was stir-fried with plum sauce, soy and a touch of ginger zing.


1. Rangoon baked milk
This visually pleasing dessert consists of house-baked milk served with saffron pistachio cream. A gallop of vanilla whipped ganache, raspberry gel and nuts.

2. Burma bombe
This is for all the chocolate lovers like me. A chocolate dome served with chocolate mousse, sea salt caramel, moist cake with chocolate sand and roasted nuts.

Tea is an essential part of the Burmese culture, and more than 30 hand-picked flavours from around the world are finely curated to ensure each blend compliments specific dishes on the menu.

Burma burma is a go to place to experience the culture, tradition and flavors of burma in all its authenticity. The brand takes pride in bringing the unique cuisines of burmese culture.