Make A Mess: Pottery Classes In Mumbai For The Enthusiastic Amateur


    When was the last time that you did something for the first time? We can’t remember and if you can’t either, here are some hobby pottery classes that will help you change that. A few hours out of the weekend, and you’d have learnt a new skill, have had something to take back home and had a positive answer to the question we just asked. Let the handwork begin!

    Potter's Place, Mahim

    This studio in Mahim is run by a self-taught potter, who's known by the name of Shalan Dere. She specializes in ceramic home decor pieces. When you enter her studio, you're taken to a magical world of figurines, pots, vases, sculptures, and much more. She churns out her clay in the garden area, and conducts workshops for people on request. You'll learn a variety of techniques, both wheel and hand techniques. You can call her directly for discussions on the workshop cost. 

    Shell Out: INR 10,000 for 4 sessions in a month. 

    Rekha Goyal’s Pottery Lab, Bandra

    The Pottery Lab

    Bandra West, Mumbai

    This is a lovely space in Bandra, quite like the classic potter lab, with a wooden table in the centre where you are cut off from the world. Here, you can just give yourself and your newly-found craft some time. At the Pottery Lab, by Rekha Goyal, sign up for a beginner’s course which takes place over 10 sessions over a period of 5 weeks. You will learn hand-building, working at the potter’s wheel, decoration and application of glazes.

    Shell Out: INR 13,200 + 18% GST (Total Rs.15,576) for the complete course that is inclusive of materials and firing of a maximum of four pieces. 

    Mitty Pottery, Versova

    Looking for a hobby class in Andheri? The classes held by Mitty Pottery's Vinod Dubey might be a good option for you. A basic course for adult beginners is of 15-hour-long duration which you can do over a few weeks' time. He only takes two students at once, making sure someone’s eye is really over your shoulder while you’re new at this craft. If he's booked up, you may have to wait for slot. 

    Shell Out: The course is priced at INR 6,000

    You can also buy their beautiful tableware while you're there. If you're looking for more options, look here and here too.

    Meetakriti Pottery and Sculpture, Goregaon

    Meeta Suraiya is a housewife and takes her passion for pottery quite seriously. She teaches this art form to people at her home in Goregaon. You can either take a one day workshop, or you can sign up for regular classes. Economical, and educative, this one's a perfect fit for if you're on a budget.

    Shell Out: INR 1,500 for one day, for a 2-hour session; regular classes for INR 1000 per session. 

    One Wheel Drive, Grant Road

    One Wheel Drive is a store in SoBo that creates handmade stoneware ceramics.The owner, Anshu Dorairaj, conducts pottery classes for you to learn a lot about the art of pottery - from how to prep the clay to properly handling, shaping and reshaping it to create beautiful pieces of handicrafts. She usually conducts four-day courses, which can further be extended on request if you are willing to learn more. These classes are carried out in groups of four, and in case you’re only free on a Sunday, you’d be happy to know that she also takes Sunday morning classes.

    Shell Out: INR 2,000 per week, for 2 sessions. 

    If you love ceramics, besides checking out One Wheel Drive, you can also head here

    Yellow Spiders Pottery, Kandivali

    This pottery studio in Kandivali conducts workshops for corporate spaces and are designed to lead teams through a fun, mindful and creative process. Working with clay has been scientifically proven to be a deeply meditative and therapeutic process. And Yellow Spiders Pottery hopes to give the participants a good taste of this artistic therapy through their short and engaging workshops. This studio also conducts personal workshops on weekends. 

    Shell Out: The corporate workshop pricing varies and they provide quotations on call.