Caramel, Mocha Or Hazelnut: Get Premium Flavoured Coffee Ready In 5 Minutes

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What Makes It Awesome

If you usually stick your nose up at instant coffee (guilty as charged), then Colombian Brew Coffee might just be an answer to a prayer. Pretty apt considering that it was a priest Francisco Romero who is said to have started Colombia's coffee revolution in the 16th Century, and he also happens to be the inspo behind this brand. 

What is Colombian coffee all about? It's about making sure you get to savour cold brews, ground coffee, instant coffee and more made from Arabica beans sourced from the best coffee plantations around the world. Purists, you can try their classic instant coffee - they have an original and a South Indian filter style. If flavoured is your jam, then try the Wild Vanilla, Nutty Hazelnut, Creamy Caramel, and Double Chocolate Mocha. If you've never had green coffee, here's your chance to try some - it's supposed to be pretty healthy for you! For classic brews you can always go for their ground coffee - there's filter, espresso and French Press variants. 

You'll find a selection of their range on LBB. The cold brew will cost you INR 299, the instant coffee is priced at INR 119 and flavoured ones at INR 190. Try the green coffee at INR 149. If you're feeling experimental, Colombian is honestly a great brand to try different options. 


Shop a selection of their range on LBB. See a review here.