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Editor's Picks: 13 Homegrown Coffee Brands To Make Home Brewing Extra Easy


    Oh, so you want to be a barista at home, and feel all cool about your coffee making and drinking skills? Well us too. At LBB, we take our brand’s core values and coffee very, VERY seriously. So much so that we have at least five cups of coffee a day. Plus, there’s over 100 of us with a love for the beverage so you get the best! Battles were fought to curate this list! Tears were shed, mugs and hearts were broken, so I promise you, the recommendations are near perfect! Each coffee was vetted, tried, tested, debated, and tasted again! So, whether you’re a coffee noob, a pro, or just trying to introduce coffee into your tea-drinking household, you have the 101 on everything from drip bags and instant coffee to pure grinds and fancy blends. Go on, get that caffeine kick. 

    Rage It With This Original Instant Coffee

    Rage Coffee

    Available on LBB

    Some days you wake up and just want coffee like, five minutes ago (Mondays, right?). For those days, just blindly use Rage Coffee’s Original powder. Don’t worry about the coffee brewing apparatus because it’s instant coffee! Made from 100 percent single origin arabica beans, the smell of this coffee is enough to wake you up, and the taste matches cafe style coffee. So stumble out of bed, heat some water (or milk), add some Rage to it, and you’re good to go!

    Read more here.

    VS Mani For Authentic But Instant Filter Coffee

    VS Mani & Co

    Available on LBB

    When it comes to VS Mani’s old-school instant coffee, even the grandparents from proper filter coffee drinking households will approve. It’s Bangalore-based, so of course, it’s got the seal of coffee authority, along with familiar filter coffee flavours. A perfect mix of aroma, flavour and convenience, we recommend this one any day. Plus, the packaging is super cute, and you can get it with the authentic tumbler too. Pour in hot milk for South Indian filter coffee, or cold milk for a cold coffee.

    Check out the brand here

    Wandering Bean For A Wandering Palate

    Some days, coffee with some extra zing is really what we need to feel alive, or feel inspired during our 4pm coffee break. Wandering bean certainly has a range of flavours for whatever your mood (or lack thereof) might be. They wander into flavours that you don’t expect, but leave you wanting more. We’re talking about flavours like mint, coconut, and even a spicy option (with cinnamon). Can’t ask for more than a strong caffeine kick with extra flavour, no? And the cold coffee drinks made with Wandering Bean? Amazing. Our current fav is vanilla cinnamon, followed by creamy caramel. 

    Read more about Wandering Bean here.

    Cool Caffeine Kicks From Cohoma Cold Brews

    Coffee snobs, if the previous options made you slightly incredulous but are still looking for the easiest way to make the best cup of coffee, Cohoma Coffee Company’s cold brews are smooth, sweet, and so easy to enjoy. Their bottle design is sleek and the coffee requires no brewing or prep. For cold coffee, pour over ice and enjoy. For a hot cuppa, heat the contents of the bottle, and add milk and/or sugar to your taste. Immediate enjoyment! While we love their classic brew, the French Vanilla option is truly luxurious and has us saying Hakuna Matata.

    Discover more here.

    Sleepy Owl For Easy Breezy Cold Brew

    A hot favourite for cold brews, Sleepy Owl have been acing this for a few years now - for taste and flavour. And the best part? We’ve been trying them periodically, and still love it. Consistent cold brew this. All you have to do is pop in a bag of the brew into a jug of water, leave it to brew for about a day, and like magic you will have half a litre of strong, cold brewed coffee. Throw in ice and you’re sorted. No need to do a coffee run ever again! The Dark Roast is a top-seller with the original close behind. Or cinnamon for that hint of spice. 

    Read more about the cold brew here

    Maverick & Farmer For Mellow & Versatile Cold Brew

    THIS is the cold brew to have all year round and know you’re that much closer to being a coffee snob because, well, Maverick & Farmer is proper coffee, any way you look at it! A slightly citric blend that is light and smooth, you’ll love it for it’s flavour and versatility. Don’t add in milk, please! But do experiment with tonic water, soda or even ginger ale if you want to switch out the water. Add ice, and you’re good to go!

    Read more about it here

    Unwind With Classic Coffee’s Light Night Blend

    Classic Coffees

    Available on LBB

    Sourced from the Harley Estate in Sakleshpur and the Kalladevarapura Estate in Chikmagalur, Classic Coffee knows their coffee and how. So much so, that they actually have a coffee for all times of the day. No, literally. The most novel and interesting of them all is After Hours, the purple packet in their line-up of colourful packages which are also made for the time of day!  The light and easy-to-drink blend combines hints of spice with a mildly citric flavour to really soothe you. This is the best kind of night cap, if you ask us!

    Check out more from Classic Coffee here

    Third-Generation Arabica From Devans For A Medium Blend


    Available on LBB

    Devans might be based out of South Delhi, but over three generations has perfected roasting coffee beans for a great cup of coffee. The medium roast coffee (Arabica Plantation AAA) has converted even staunch South-Indian-filter-coffee-loving teammates into huge fans! Premium beans, roasted to perfection make for a malty coffee with the classic smooth, nutty mouthfeel associated with Arabica brews. No bitter aftertaste, just coffee that feels like a hug from the first sip. 

    The Mean Bean Blend For A Strong Cuppa

    An interesting blend of Arabica and Robusta, The Mean Bean blend is ideal for brew yourself a strong cup of coffee. Don’t be fooled. Strong doesn’t mean bitter. It’s definitely darker and bolder, but with a hint of sweetness too. Don’t like it sweet, check out the 100% pure Arabica one for top notch caffeine satisfaction. 

    Read more about Mean Bean here

    Bili Hu For The Best Blossoming Brews

    Bili Hu

    Available on LBB

    Coffee connoisseurs, you must try Bili Hu! Meaning ‘white flower’ in Kannada, the coffee is sourced from estates across Chikmagalur, and we honestly can’t pick a favourite. Everything you need to know about the coffee like tasting notes, acidity, body, and best brewing method are mentioned on the label. Leaving no room for error (unless you’re doing this while not fully awake), you will have the perfect coffee. So if you know exactly what you want from your coffee, this is it. And the caffeine kick and flavour is on point every time. 

    Check out the brand here.

    Wake Up To Vienna With Devans


    Available on LBB

    For a strong, bold brew that packs a light punch get the Viennese Blend by Devans. With a medium to dark roast, the blend satisfies even the snobbiest coffee connoisseur. We fell in love the second we opened the packet. The aroma had us sold! With chocolatey notes, the coffee isn’t too high on bitterness or acidity. So even casual drinkers of coffee can enjoy this. This also makes it great for hot and cold coffees. Quantity, quality, and consistency - it’s truly worth the money. 

    Flavoured Cold Brew By Bonomi


    Available Online

    If coffee and whiskey is your thing, this barrel-aged cold brew by Bonomi is just perfect. More whiskey-flavoured than it is coffee, it's got a lovely after taste without the after effects of alcohol! It goes down smooth even if you're not used to coffee without milk, so this one is definitely worth a shot.

    South Indian Filter Coffee By Seven Beans

    If you like your coffee strong, and quite intense, then the Urubage South Indian Filter Coffee Powder from Seven Beans Coffee is ideal. A mix of coffee and chicory (80:20), this one makes a rather thick decoction so you know that morning caffeine kick is going to be a proper one. While it can be made in a French Press, stick to the South Indian filter for the Urubage. Oh, and if you are in a rush to make coffee, don't pick this. This one needs a good 13-15 minutes to release the flavours well. 

    While you're busy buying coffee, make sure to have the perfect mugs because the proper mug makes it all better! Check out our picks here