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Get Fit With Richa Chadha: The Gorgeous Actor Reveals Her Fitness Secrets

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Be it her on-screen performances or her fitness goals, hard work is synonymous with Richa Chadha. And the actor, who has is very particular about her fitness regime, tells us her fitness secrets, cheat day plans and a whole lot more.

Go-To Eatery

There are plenty. I go to Suzette, Pali Village Cafe, Yoga House because it does make stuff on request. I am a pure vegetarian, hence I have always been particular about where and what I eat.

Cheat Days Picks

On cheat days, which I rarely have now, it’s become cheat meals and I honestly prefer comfort food. And that’s mostly homemade, fresh and piping hot dal-chawal or rajma-chawal if I am lucky enough to have my mom make it. Occasionally, I eat Mughalai cuisine for a cheat meal, which such few places get right in Mumbai. And ice cream is another thing I like and have, though very rarely.

Train Hard

Over the years, I have learnt to make myself stronger and figure what works best for me. And hence, I don’t have a trainer now because I train myself.

Alternate Workout Options

For almost a year in the middle as I was recouping from an injury and over work, I trained at home. I installed a pull up bar and did resistance and body weight training. One doesn’t need a gym. One needs an education into what works. I am on my way to my ideal weight and shape. But it needs consistency. It’s more like a year-long plan, rather than a month or a three-month goal if one wants long term health benefits.

Fitness Playlist Favourites

My cardio playlist is full of Beyoncé, chart-toppers of the day, nostalgia mix like the ’90s ‘Tip Tip Barsa Pani’ {I know, right?} and the occasional Coke Studio gems. I also must be the only person who has Punjabi, Tamil, Bhojpuri, Rajasthani folk, Arabic, Spanish, French and Armenian songs all in my cardio playlist. This is music I have Shazam-ed through my travels and I quite love it.