Running Out Of Booze In Powai? Head To Sagar Bar For 3AM Refills

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A Shankari-like deal for the Powai folks, Sagar is a budget bar offering cheap food and drinks.

Chow Down

Fun fact: Sagar also has really good food. We liked their dal khichdi, which was just how mom used to make it. If you’re feeling hungry, this is the place for some late-night comfort food – as well as one last drink.

Sip On

Anything you like, at all late hours – Sagar delivers alcohol {and you can drop by to pick it up as well} till 3am. They also sell all the cold drinks, soda and other mixers you could desire. It’s a little desolate at night, so if you’re a woman, we recommend getting it home-delivered.

So, We're Saying...

If the party’s over in Powai but you’re not done yet – you know where to go.