Scented Candle Brands For A Heavenly, Sweet Smelling Home!

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Our ancestors used these thousands of years back as a source of light. However, as we saw modern-day inventions, the use of candles slowly and gradually shifted from being utility-based to more of a luxury or therapy. Enter: a sweet-smelling paradise of scented candles. From lavender to rosemary; vanilla to cinnamon, there's no dearth of fragrances for you to choose from. In fact, you'll also find wacky ones like masala chai! These are cost-effective, the easiest addition when it comes to home fragrances, and simply teleports you to a zen zone, naturally. Scented candles continue to rule the hearts (and homes) of many. Jumping right onto this bandwagon, we saw hundreds of local brands popping up and specialising in scented candles.

Here, we round up some of our favourite scented candle brands.

SmiiSenses: For Ultimate Luxury

Starting with a personal favourite - SmiiSenses. Handmade in small batches, these luxury scented candles come in four categories namely floral, fresh, spicy and sweet. 

Candles We Love: Vanilla Champagne, Lime & Basil & Morning Glory 

Price: INR 650 and upwards.  

Psst: Our founder, who's also a decor junkie, rates this one a 5-star

White Fire: Your Shortcut To Peace & Calm

The labels on the candles itself spread good vibes and zen. White Fire is known for its natural soy wax candles which not only check our box for aromatherapy, but also some self-motivation. Their scented candles come with names like Calm, Believe In Yourself, Relax, You Are Amazing, and more. Motivational quotes and lovely scent - a perfect recipe for some relaxation.  

Candles We Love: Affirmation, Wood Wick Candle, Sweater Weather.  

Price: INR 500 and upwards.

The Maeva Store: For Classic Pillar Scented Candles

The Maeva Store has mastered not only scented candles, but also aromatherapy sets (which includes a burner, tealight candle and essential oil). If you're not a fan of strong, synthetic candle scents then The Maeva Store should be your go-to since they use only naturally derived scents, the smells are subtle yet pleasant. 

Candles We Love: Red Berries Mason Jar, Three Wick Scented Candles & their Classic Pillar Candles.

Price: INR 500 and upwards. 

House Of Aromas: To Bring Home Some Nature

House Of Aromas is known for its fresh aromas which are nature-themed. Using soy wax, these come in a nifty little jar, and each candle burns for about 60 hours and releases a subtle fragrance.  

Candles We Love: Ocean Scent, Lemongrass, Lavender & Rosemary and Geranium & Mandarin. 

Price: INR 400 and upwards

Rhuhee: Comes Highy Recommended From LBB Folks

Saniya, Neelohit & Anushka highly recommend these scented beauties. And now we know what the hype is all about. Offering more than 22 scents, Rhuhee's candles are made from special German cologne which ensures soothing aroma, warmth and nostalgia.       

Candles We Love: Musk Melon, Cinnamon & Vanilla, and Cranberry & Champagne. 

Price: INR 300 and upwards. 

Also, check out these essential oils for aromatherapy at its best. 

Ekam: For 3 Wick Candles

Before we talk about their divine smelling scented candles, it's their shot glass candles that need attention. A pack of 12 shot glasses, these tiny candles are ideal if you're looking to adorn every corner of your space with one. Think of these as a fancier alternative to tealight candles. You can opt for their three-wick jar candles which come in an array of aromas too! Compared to the conventional ones, 3 wick candles release much more scent than the normal ones. 

Scents We Love: Cedar and mint, Ocean dream, sea and sun, fruit splash. 

Price: INR 500 and upwards. And INR 800 (for 12 shot glass candles)  

Rewa: For A Flowery Affair

When it comes to being sustainable and environment-friendly, Rewa steals the show! Their scented candles are made using religious floral waste, which would otherwise be dumped in a landfill or water bodies. Not just this, they also come packaged in recycled paper. So, clearly, this brand shines a light (quite literally) on mindfulness, love and conscious consumption.   

Scents We Love: Jasmine, Mari Gold, Hibiscus & Tulsi 

Price: INR 450 and upwards.

Joyous Beam Candles: For Amazing Gift Sets

This one doubles up as body butter! How cool is that? This is how it works: once you're done using the candle, you can collect the melted essential oil and massage it on your skin. Apart from their popular 2-in-1 candle, you can also opt for copper candle gift sets, gel candles and their classic scented candles.   

Candles We Love: Blooming Flora, Please Blue, Jasmine Cherry & Chocoholic Mint. 

Price: INR 390 and upwards. 

Rad Living: For Our Sassy Folks

We love candles from Rad Living for their sassy quoted candles! They've got candles with quotes like "I can't people today", "Darlings, I chase goals not people", My life is dope and I do dope shit" etc. Apart from this, they've got candles for different situations as well including WFH, for F.R.I.E.N.D.S. lover, for Writer's Block, Overthinkers (we ALL need this one), etc. And, and they've launched their minimal boho collection as well that includes chic candle sets with macrame decor. These are simply amazing and double up as elegant accent pieces. 

Candles We Love: Hot cocoa, cinnamon roll, berry blast. 

Pricing: INR 300 and upwards!  

Aorion: For The Trending Bubble Candles

We started seeing these cubical beauties all over our 'gram feed during the second half of 2021. These closely resemble Rubik’s cubes and come in an array of hues, mainly pastels. These effortlessly add a sense of texture wherever placed - whether it's our coffee table or living room. Aorion is one candles brand that does these really well. 

Candles We Love: Shades of peach (ombre), set of 6 (mini bubble candle set)

Pricing: Starts at INR 299 and upwards.    

Veedaa: For Authentic Desi Scents



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Veedaa has been making candles with natural wax blends and complex fragrances for the last 10 years. The brand curates high-quality luxury candles and diffusers using the finest ingredients and wax blends. It uses only the purest and most natural fragrances and that’s evident in the products. Having personally used Veedaa’s Bulgarian Lavender candle, I can say with confidence that the fragrance is truly unbeatable!

Candles We Love: Prosecco Berries Crystal Glass Scented Candle

Pricing: Starts at INR 650 and upwards. 

Yankee Candle: Premium Scents From Across The Globe

Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle

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Looking for evocative, long-lasting scents that will help make your house feel like home? Give the international brand Yankee Candle a chance. The vast variety of candles is a fresh inspiration for a chill day at home to festive parties you'll be hosting. We saw it on Nykaa and cannot resist the unique scents like vanilla line, lemon lavender and more.

Candles We Love: The Soft Blanket Scented Candle that lasts upto 30 hours

Pricing: Starts at INR 980 and upwards. 

Artisan Lab: Indulgence With Scents

Artisan Lab

Artisan Lab

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Guided by a love of craftsmanship and reverence for makers, Artisan Lab creates luxe-looking candles. It has a range of crystal-inspired indulgent scents in chic bell jars. Get candles like Moonstone, Tiger Eye, Amethyst, Onyx, Aventurine and more in pink, blue, red, black bell jars. 

Candles We Love: The Lapis Lazuli Candle with notes of sweet mandarin & orange blended with hints of basil and thyme is a delight.

Pricing: Starts at INR 1,990 and upwards. 

Indian Crystal Company - For Hand Poured Affirmation Candles

Indian Crystal Company

Indian Crystal Company

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'I am Strong', 'I am Loved' and 'I am Confident' are a few affirmations from Indian Crystal Company have on their candles. Apart from using soy to create hand poured candles, the brand has coconut shell candles. We love the combination of the affirmations on the label and classy scents like English rose, jasmine, patchoulli, lavender and so on.

Candles We Love: Affirmation Candle in Sandalwood that reads 'I am Optimistic'

Price: INR 999 and upwards.

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