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A World Of Its Own: Brands To Look Out For At The Latest Jio World Drive

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Bandra Kurla Complex has a new and urban hangout spot- the Jio World Drive Mall by the Reliance group. This one isn't just a mall, but an experience. When you think of BKC, you think of fancy fine-diners and shiny corporate buildings. But this mall- a world of its own- is an apt spot for an indulgent weekend retail therapy with your gang. With 72 premium Indian and international brands to choose from, spoil yourself silly here while you explore clothing, accessories, jewellery, stationery, food, entertainment, and more. 

Concepts like a food pop-up, a pet-friendly weekend marketplace, India’s first drive-through rooftop movie theatre with space for 290 cars, and FreshPik, Reliance’s new food and grocery chain, are also a part of this mall. Read on to mentally bookmark some of the best brands that you won't find easily in any other Mumbai mall!

For Women's Clothing


This luxury brand sells the best of kimonos, kaftaans, dhoti-pants, bell bottoms, silhouette kurta sets, and shararaas. Mulmul's ideology is rooted in creating exquisite pieces of Indian craftsmanship, that redefines sustainable luxury, without compromising on comfort and design. Get yourself some ethnic wear made of pure mul cotton from this store.

Shell Out: INR 6,000 onward

Located on: 1st Floor

Satya Paul

Not many places in Mumbai have Satya Paul's stores any more. But for people in and around Bandra and Khar, this one inside the Jio Drive mall is going to be a blessing. Satya Paul is a legacy Indian fashion brand, named after the late designer Satya Paul. The brand is most popular for its forward-looking iconic bold prints, vibrant colours, and designer sarees. So if you're on the lookout for great designer wear, then a halt here might be fruitful. 

Shell Out: INR 4,000 onward

Located on: 1st Floor

For Men's Clothing

Paul & Shark

Another very popular but rarely seen store in Mumbai is Paul & Shark. This brand is committed to the best of Italian craftsmanship, and the collection is inspired by the world of sailing and yachting. Based on the spirit of adventure, this luxury sportswear brand, with a collection of sea-inspired prints, is famous for the quality of its garments. They've got trousers, jackets, belts, and all things classy for men. 

Shell Out: INR 3,000 onward

Located On: Ground floor

Scotch & Soda

Enter the store and you can come out sorted for almost all the seasons of the year. Pastel t-shirts, shirts with floral prints, khaki shorts and pants, jeans, denim jackets, you name it and the store has them all. Look your best in their suits that are funky. We love the black and white stripes as well as the structured check blazer from their new store at Jio Drive. 

Shell Out: INR 3,500 onward 

Located on: 1st floor

For Unisex Sportswear

Under Armour

When we talk about sportswear brands, it's difficult to move beyond Nike and Superdry. But buy it from the best- Under Armour, a US-based ace sportswear brand. This brand has strengthened its retail presence in Mumbai, with the opening of a new store at the Jio World Drive Mall. So if you are someone who likes investing in activewear, this brand could be your perfect destination. From sports bras to t-shirts, and shoes, this brand has got it all, and the quality and durability of it all are so good! 

Shell Out: INR 1,999 onward 

Located On: Ground floor 

For Beauty & Skincare


You may have shopped for MAC beauty products from dealers in Mumbai or bought them online so far. How about walking into the OG store inside Jio Drive? M·A·C (Make-up Art Cosmetics), a leading brand of professional cosmetics from Canada, has massive popularity among makeup artists, models, photographers. From liquid lipsticks to powder blushes, specialty make-up brushes, and a whole host of foundations, MAC has everything that makeup and beauty comprise. 

Shell Out: 1,500 onward

Located In: Ground floor

Forest Essentials

An Indian luxury skincare brand with its foundations laid in the science of Ayurveda, Forest Essential's products adhere to the highest standards of purity, authenticity, and quality. They do ayurvedic skincare and cosmetic products so very right and have four major categories under beauty and healthcare - facial care, body care, hair care, and wellness. Don't forget to buy their organic coconut oil, and the rose and cardamom body mist. 

Shell Out: INR 900 onward 

Located On: 1st floor

For Footwear & Bags


If you haven't heard about this brand of bags before, it's because it is rare, and not all malls in the city have it. TUMI is synonymous with world-class business and travel accessories, mainly unisex luggage. The bags here are designed to upgrade, uncomplicate and beautify all aspects of life on the move. The best part? This brand customizes your bag for you! 

Shell Out: INR 5,500 onward 

Located On: Ground floor 


One of our all-time favorites, Needledust does juttis in a range of pretty pastels with fun prints such as umbrellas and birds, apart from the most sought-after florals. We love the colors and the finish so much, we’re willing to go off budget to get a pair from them. Jio Drive's Needledust store also keeps juttis for little girls, in case you want to match with your little one and be the cutest pair at that wedding.

Shell Out: INR 2,500 onward 

Located On: 1st Floor 

For Jewelry & Accessories


Austrian brand Swarovski designs and manufactures the world’s highest quality crystal jewelry and accessories, crystal objects and home accessories. And with wedding season at its peak, we are sure jewelry shopping is on top of your list. So if you love crystal-studded jewelry, watches, and other accessories, then walk straight into the Swarovski showroom inside the Jio World Drive mall. 

Shell Out: INR 6,000 onward

Located on: 1st Floor 


Ethos is a watch boutique and is India’s largest and most trusted luxury watch retailer. With over 50 boutiques nationwide, they offer the best experience of luxury watches. Ethos has big brands like the Balmains and Bvlgaris, but also lesser-known luxury brands like Corum and Junghans. Got your parent’s or partner's birthday coming up? You’ve gotta drop by here, for sure. The staff will help you out with what you should get for them, with respect to functionality, design, and colors.

Shell Out: INR 7,500 onward

Located On: Ground floor

For Pets

Heads Up For Tails

Yes, Jio World Drive is a pet-friendly mall! So naturally, they've got the best pet store inside. Heads Up For Tails is one of India’s luxury brands for pets. With more than 4,000 products that are available, they research, design and develop products to help pet parents indulge their pets. Their products range from pet clothes to accessories, pet grooming products to treats, and even food. They also customize products as per your pets’ needs. 

Shell Out: INR 450 onward 

Located On: Second floor

For Decor & Stationery

West Elm

West Elm helps you create a space that reflects you and what you love. From sofas and tables to bedding and vases, they bring modern Brooklyn-NYC design to the world. West Elm also has a range of sustainably sourced and organic decor that are fair trade certified. 

Shell Out: INR 9,000 onward

Located On: 1st Floor 

Art Station

Every stationery lover's paradise, Art Station has opened a new outlet inside Jio Drive and we're only thrilled. Get transported to a wonderland of colorful papers, pens, paints and stickers, pop-up posters, glossy and funky printed sheets, paintbrushes of every kind, and even tiny decor items for your home. 

Shell Out: INR 200 onward 

Located On: 1st Floor 


Apart from this, expect a plethora of options for wining, dining, and takeaway food options, a drive-in theatre, a gourmet food market, pop-up stalls, pet marketplaces, kid's playgrounds and so much more. Have you made your weekend plans to hit the mall already or do you need some more convincing? Because we're going to be there again and shop our worries away!